Facts About Some of Our Favorite Lakes

The state of North Carolina is known for its picturesque views whether that be beachfront, mountaintop, or lakefront. With all the outdoor activities available ranging from hiking to fishing, it is a beautiful state that offers something for everyone to enjoy. This blog post by Motor Boatin’ shares facts about some of our favorite lakes in the local area: Falls, Jordan, Harris, and Kerr Lake.

Learn more about 4 of our favorite lakes in North Carolina:

1. Falls Lake: Falls Lake covers over 12,000 acres. Its peaceful atmosphere is great for camping, hiking, or laying out in the sun on a sandy beach. It is named after “Falls of the Neuse” which was once a whitewater section of the Neuse River. Although there’s no more whitewater areas, it is the perfect spot for families to boat, fish, or swim in uncrowded waters.

2. Jordan Lake: With over 13,000 acres, Jordan Lake is a common choice for many families, especially with children because of all the activities available. This lake was created for the New Hope River Valley (now known as Research Triangle Park) based on water resource needs. In 1963, the project was named New Hope Lake. The name was changed in 1973 to B. Everett Jordan Lake in honor of a senator.

3. Harris Lake: Located on the Shearon Harris Reservoir, Harris Lake covers over 4,000 acres. It encompasses a park of around 680 acres that includes trails, picnic areas, a disc golf course, and more. It is a quiet and well-maintained area to spend your day at.

4. Kerr Lake: Kerr Lake is one of the largest lakes in the entire state and takes up over 50,000 acres. Surrounding the lake are vast forests where common NC mammals such as white-tailed deer, gray squirrels, red foxes, and many more call home. With 500 miles of shoreline and 3,400 acres of recreation sites, there is plenty of beauty to take in at Kerr Lake.

All these lakes are close to home but offer that sense of a unique getaway. Get out there and explore all North Carolina has to offer by renting with Motor Boatin’. On a lake is our favorite place to be. Reserve your boat today and contact us with any questions you may have.

How to Rent a Jet-Ski, Hassle Free

Renting a jet ski is a great way to view nature or tear up the water with your friends, family, or your significant other. Renting also takes away the hassle and cost of maintenance and storage that comes with ownership. Read on so you know exactly what to do and expect to make sure your day is stress- free!

7 Steps to Renting a Jet-Ski, Hassle Free

1. Pick Your Renter: Must be 26+ years old, have a valid driver’s license, equipped with boat safety card, and have proof of insurance.

2. Pick Your Rental Rate: It’s simple and works like buying bulk – a bigger buy equals a greater discount. We offer four types of packages: 1 hour: $100, 2 hours: $200, 4 hours: $300, 1 Day $500. Multiple day rentals are available.

3. Reserve at Least 2 Hours Before Arrival: At Motor Boatin’, we want to make sure that we can have our customers’ rentals ready to go. Check availability here, or call 919-800-9716.

4. Get A Boat Safety Card: If you were born in or after `88, you need a boat safety card. Don’t fret – we offer you a course for free here.

5. Get Insurance: Rental insurance costs $50 per day, without it, customers are 100% uninsured. If opting out of rental insurance, a $500 refundable damage deposit is collected 24 hours prior to rental. Insurance is required under the following circumstances: when 2 skis are used in the same party or when self-towing equipment.

6. Time it Right: Delivery and return times are set prior to rental date, late returns are charged a fee. Times are as follows – Half day (4-hour rental): 8am-12pm, 9am-1pm, or 2pm – 6pm | Hourly rentals: when skis are available. Check availability here.

7. Pick Your Lakes: Delivery of our rental boats to Falls Lake is free. Delivery to other lakes (i.e., Kerr Lake, Jordan Lake, and Harris Lake) costs $200.00. Rentals can be self-towed to save the fee; daily insurance is required. Still have questions? Check out our FAQ.

Motor-Boatin LLC is the best place to rent Jet Ski Watercraft in Central North Carolina. Conveniently located in Wake Forest, just off Hwy 50 at Falls Lake and just minutes from Jordan Lake, Harris Lake and Kerr Lake, your exciting day on the water is closer than you think, Contact us today!

3 Activities to Enjoy at Falls Lake in the Triangle

Now that Fall is beginning to settle in the Triangle, residents may think activities on Falls Lake are coming to an end. Luckily, this is not the case! Even as the winds cool down, the lake has much to offer our local explorers.Fall in Raleigh North Carolina

Nature and water lovers can take in the beautiful sights while boating, camping, or hiking the trails. Our knowledgeable staff at Motor Boatin’ can help shed some light on the best activities to partake in as the temperature cools in Raleigh.

3 things to do around Falls Lake this season as the air cools and the bustle of summer slows down are:

  • Enjoy the Foliage. North Carolina is known for having excellent displays of fall colors in the western mountain areas, but the Triangle proudly boasts its own array of foliage to please the eyes. Take the time to simply sit on the edge of the lake and enjoy the surroundings! Peak periods for the most vibrant colors in the Piedmont are due late October to early November this year, so there’s still time to plan!
  • Go Camping. There are plenty of camping sites around Falls Lake that will also offer beautiful views of the leaves. As the sun sets, light a warm fire and toast some marshmallows while listening to the crickets and frogs. It will be a night to make memories!
  • Take the Boat Out. We’re lucky to not have frigid winters in the Raleigh area, so even as the air cools taking the boat out for a few more laps around the lake won’t be unbearable. Consider renting a pontoon boat to enjoy a great afternoon with friends and family, perhaps with a football game on the radio.

Fall is a wonderful time of year, and Triangle residents have many options to choose from and enjoy the best it has to offer. Contact us today at Motor Boatin’ to inquire about boat rentals or hot spots to visit in Falls Lake this season!

Benefits of Spending Time Near Water

Let’s face it – life can get busy. When this happens, it is important to designate some time to recoup and relax. So many Raleigh families relax by spending time on or around the water.What to do in Raleigh on Mother’s Day

If life has been a little stressful, our team at Motor Boatin’ would love to help plan a stress-free weekend at Falls Lake. We can set up a Raleigh family with a day on the water in a rented boat then rent jet skis in the afternoon, and camp in the evening!

5 reasons why Raleigh families need to spend more time relaxing near the water are:  

  • Sunshine! Spending some time in the sun allows the body to produce Vitamin D, which is necessary for calcium absorption. This is important for every age! Just make sure to always wear sunscreen.
  • Soothing sounds. The sound of water is often relaxing for most people. Nature sounds, in general, can be extremely calming. Spending time around the water may compare to spending time at a spa.
  • Fresh air. Breathing in fresh air is refreshing! Negative ions in the fresh air balance serotonin levels, which is directly correlated with stress and mood.
  • Increased immune function. Water can relieve stress. When stress is reduced in the body, the immune function of the body will benefit and work more efficiently.
  • Water and the “blue mind effect.” Believe it or not, human’s personal and emotional relationships are affected by water. As stated before, it is one of the best forms of stress relief that you can get!

There are many different activities to do near the water. One of the best activities is spending the day on a boat in one of your favorite lakes. Motor Boatin’ will supply the boat, you supply the good times! Start relaxing near the water today.

How to Plan at Day at the Raleigh Lake

Many Raleigh citizens plan to spend a day during the summer at Jordan Lake or Falls Lake. However, many people are overwhelmed by how to plan out the day at Falls Lake? Typically, this process can be overwhelming and leads Raleigh lake goers to skip a day at the lake.Falls Lake in North Carolina

As the boat rental experts at Falls Lake, the Motor Boatin’ team at can help guide through the planning process.

4 things to plan out for a day at Falls Lake before heading out are:

  1. The Group Coming to the Lake: It is rare that someone comes to Falls Lake alone. So, who will you spend the day at Lake with? Depending on the size of the group helps determine the best activities and hours to spend at the lake.
  2. Determine the Schedule: Certain people enjoy a whole day at the lake. But, some only enjoy part of a day. Determine what is best for everyone coming to the lake and set a schedule. Consider that it is typically cooler during in the morning, but there are great sunset views in the afternoon.
  3. Lake Day Activities: Rent a jet ski or rent a boat? Maybe fishing on Falls Lake is the best way to spend the day? Remember, it doesn’t have to be only one activity. You could rent a jet ski in the morning then rent a fishing boat to enjoy an afternoon fishing on the lake.
  4. Make a Checklist: Now that the whole day is planned out, make a checklist of everything needed for a day at Falls Lake. The first thing at the top of the checklist should be sunscreen followed by water and swimsuits.

Does this help navigate planning out the next day at Falls Lake or Jordan Lake? Maybe there are a few more questions such as what do you need for renting a fishing boat? Contact Motor Boatin’ at Falls Lake today and get all of those questions answered.

Does Jordan or Falls Lake Offer the Best Rentals?

When asking Raleigh boaters where they go to enjoy a day on the lake, the large majority say Jordan Lake. But, when asking those individuals how they feel about Jordan Lake, they often say that they don’t like all the crowds, all of the types of watersports going on in a small area of the lake, and how stressful it can be getting around Jordan Lake.Jet Ski Rentals in North Carolina

When asked what other options Raleigh boaters have for lakes that offer boat rentals, many believe the only choice is Jordan Lake boat rentals; but that’s not true! Motor-Boatin, the exclusive company that offers boat rentals in Raleigh and serves the Falls Lake. Falls Lake is in the Wake Forest area and is much less populated than Jordan Lake.

3 Reasons to Rent a Boat on Falls Lake instead of using Jordan Lake Boat Rentals:

  1. Less Watersports. Jordan Lake Boat Rental companies offer a variety of watersports to enjoy while at Jordan Lake, but that means there is a lot of competition for the water space. When there are boaters, jet skiers, kayakers, water boarders, and more, the water starts to feel a little crowded. Falls Lake offers boating, jet skiing, and more, but there is less competition for the water because many Raleigh citizens don’t know about Falls Lake boat rentals and instead, visit Jordan Lake.
  2. Less Crowds. While both Jordan Lake and Falls Lake are both state parks that offer boat rentals in Raleigh, Jordan Lake has been established much longer and offers more programs. These programs, such as summer camps, campgrounds, and fishing programs attract a lot more traffic to Jordan Lake. Falls Lake often has less crowds.
  3. Great Boat Rentals. Motor-Boatin is the only pontoon boat rental and jet ski rental company on Falls Lake. We offer great prices while offering wonderful customer service! Even if Falls Lake is not for you, we can still offer boat and jet ski rentals at other North Carolina lakes.

Have questions about what Falls Lake boat rentals are available? Contact Motor-Boatin today by calling 919-800-9716 or email to see boat and jet ski rentals are available for this weekend at info@motor-boatin.com.