How to Re-board a Jet Ski

At Motor Boatin, there are two things we firmly believe in—having fun on the lake and being safe on the lake. Those two are not mutually exclusive. It is possible and easy to do both. On occasion, when you are riding one of our jet skis, you may end up in the water—hopefully, that’s because you decided to stop somewhere out of the way and take a dip in the lake to cool off.

Whatever the reason is, you will need to get back on board eventually. So, what’s the best way to do it? Allow us to show you the way.

For starters, you need to wear your life vest at all times—when riding and when swimming. It’s not only the law, but it is common sense—swimming in a lake can quickly exhaust even the fittest of individuals. The engine must be turned off because you are boarding from the rear where the thrust nozzle is located. You should have turned it off before going in the water, and if the lanyard is properly attached to you, it would have cut the engine had you fallen off. (If you capsized the ski, look for a decal at the rear of the craft that will describe the direction to turn the craft to an upright position. Follow that direction to prevent damage to the jet ski.)

To board, position yourself at the stern (rear) of the jet ski. Never try to re-board from the side because you could flip it over on top of you. There is a handle located at the back of the seat. Reach up to grab it with one hand.

Then, using the handle pull yourself up and place one knee on the surface of ski followed by the other knee. Once you are steady, stand up and place your legs around the seat like a saddle and slowly walk your way toward the front. Sit down at the handlebars and when ready, re-enter the lanyard in its slot and restart the jet ski. If you are riding with others, do not restart the ski until everyone is onboard and seated.

For more safety tips, check out other blogs on this site. To make your jet ski reservation, click here. Then, you can have a safe, fun-filled day out on the lake.

Mistakes To Avoid When Riding a Jet Ski for The First Time

Riding a jet ski is just as fun as it sounds, but it needs to be done in a safe manner or else it can become dangerous quickly. Inexperienced jet ski drivers do have the potential to make mistakes, especially when it is their first time driving one. At Motor Boatin’, we want all our renters to be able to try something new out on the water but in a fun and safe way.

Here are some of the top mistakes to avoid when riding a jet ski for the first time:

  • Riding at high speeds: When people think of jet skiing, speed often comes to mind. They long for that adrenaline rush of zipping through the water at high speeds. While that sounds fun, it is not safe, especially for first timers. It is important to not go too fast and always keep a safe speed.
  • Staring at the handlebars: A lot of first-time jet ski drivers can struggle with keeping the jet ski going straight. Luckily, there is an easy solution to this common problem. Just like driving a car, it is important to look forward into the distance when driving and not down at the handles. It is common for new jet skiers to stare at the handlebars when driving, causing them to veer off in the wrong direction and hindering them from seeing what is in front of them.
  • Reboarding incorrectly: When on the jet ski, you might fall off (this happens sometimes) or you might want to jump into the water to cool off quick. Getting off the jet ski is fine, but the way you reboard it is important. When reboarding, you enter the jet ski from the stern – That’s boating lingo for the back! Entering from another place could cause it to turn over.
  • Not knowing how to stop: Jet skis do not have brakes. Many first-time riders are not aware of this and damage the jet ski when reaching the shore. To help, it is crucial to let go of the throttle and use reverse to help maneuver if necessary.

Jet skiing is a fun pastime, especially when renting from Motor Boatin’. Being safe is a number one priority and avoiding these common mistakes will help create a more enjoyable experience. If you have any questions, contact us today.

3 Reasons to Rent a Jet Ski at Falls Lake

Nothing is better than enjoying the beautiful waters of Falls Lake. There are many fun-filled water activities to do at the lake, one being jet-skiing. Jet skiing is a fun and adventurous way to amplify your Falls Lake experience.3 Reasons to Rent a Jet Ski at Falls Lake in North Carolina

3 reasons Fall is a great time to rent a jet ski in Raleigh at Falls Lake is:

  1. Fun: Nothing delivers accelerated excitement like riding a jet ski.  A jet ski pumps up the adrenaline and allows riders to explore the lake at high speeds. But, even better, you don’t have the hassle of maintaining a personal jet ski. Our jet skis at Motor Boatin are in pristine condition!
  2. Cost: Renting a jet ski is a cost-friendly, fun group activity with family or friends. Renting a jet-ski is an inexpensive thrill ride with customizable rates. Our rates allow renters to decide how long they want to be out on Falls Lake – whether a few hours or all day.
  3. Experience: Jet skiing is something exciting and new to experience. It’s a great way to get out of a comfort zone and take a risk. Whether riding solo or going with friends or family, jet skiing will be the highlight of your day at Falls Lake.
  4. Transportable: Our jets skis at Motor Boatin’ are stuck at Falls Lake! We love when our renters pick up our jet skis and take to other local lakes where they are meeting friend or family.

Ready to try Motor Boatin’s jet skis or jet skiing in Raleigh for the first time? We have a fantastic team ready to help set up your rental and teach you to use our equipment. Contact Motor-Boatin today at 919-800-9716 and let’s set up your next rental.


How to Make the Most of Summer Vacation

When vacationing somewhere tropical, many resorts or beaches have jet ski rentals right on the beach. This makes it so easy to rent and go! But, back at home, that can be hard. The jet ski rental companies on the beach typically rent by the hour.

Motor Boatin wants to make a trip to Falls Lake like a trip to the beach – we now offer jet ski rentals by the hour!  This allows families in the Raleigh area the most time to do the most they can while at Falls Lake.

A few other things the watersport specialist suggest doing while at Falls Lake, in addition to jet skiing, are:

  1. Rent a Boat at Falls Lake. While jet skiing in Raleigh is great, so is renting a boat in Raleigh for half of a day. Renting a boat on Falls Lake allows for tubing, water skiing, or just relaxing.
  2. Fish on Falls Lake. After renting a jet ski in the morning and are out on a boat at Falls Lake in the afternoon, enjoy fishing! Falls Lake is a quieter lake than Jordan Lake which means we can offer great fishing opportunities.
  3. Falls Lake offers a camping area which will allow guests to stay with us for days and try all the recreational activities we can offer such as swimming, hiking, rock climbing, jet skiing, boating, and more.

Does it sound like it is time for a local vacation? Instead of going to a tropical beach, come out to Falls Lake in Raleigh. Contact Motor Boatin to book jet ski rentals and pontoon boat rentals in Raleigh, NC.

3 Important Things to Consider When Renting Jet Skis

Summertime in Raleigh is hot! With temperatures in the mid to upper 90s, everyone is looking for a way to cool off. Spending a day with a set of rented jet skis is a great way to cool off in Raleigh! However, many people won’t rent jet skis or boats during the summer because they think they have to go to Jordan Lake and it is too crowded.
3 Important Things to Consider When Renting Jet Skis in North Carolina
Great news! Motor-Boatin on Falls Lake offers jet ski rentals and pontoon rentals for Falls Lake. Falls Lake is much less populated than Jordan Lake and allows for a relaxing weekend to beat the Raleigh summer heat!

3 things to know before renting jet skis or pontoon boat at Motor Boatin on Falls Lake is:

  1. Many Renting Opportunities. It can get very hot very quickly and it may be too warm to spend the entire day on Falls Lake. No need to worry, we rent for half days, full days, or multiple days at a time.
  2. We Focus on Safety. We rent Yahama’s Waverunner’s jet skis which are some of the safest jet skis on the market. It is very important to us at Motor-Boatin to protect our patrons but also the general public who will be spending time at Falls Lake.
  3. Delivery Options. If a group of friends are heading to Jordan Lake or Harris Lake, but there are no jet skis left to rent, call us! We allow renters to take our Jet Skis from Falls Lake to any lake in North Carolina.

Does a Saturday with jet skis or pontoon boat on the lake sound great? Contact Motor-Boatin today to reserve a jet ski or set of jet skis for this weekend before it is too late.