5 Reasons to Rent a Boat This Summer

Is there a better way to spend a warm, radiant summer day than out on a boat? At Motor Boatin’,  we don’t think so. We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy the full experience that comes with riding a boat for the first time. Summer is the perfect season to test out the waters because of the sunny days, gorgeous weather, and time off with friends and family.

Here are five more reasons to rent a boat with Motor Boatin’ this summer:

  1. Cost-effective: Owning a boat is expensive. There are the costs for maintenance, gas, marina, and other fees that add up after the initial purchase. This is why many individuals never get to hop on a boat. Renting a boat is a much more cost-effective way to enjoy the perks of being on a boat without all the money.
  2. Trying a new activity: Renting a boat creates the perfect opportunity to try something new. Whether it be fishing, water skiing, or tubing, renting a boat opens the door for endless possibilities this summer. At Motor Boatin’, we offer fishing boats, pontoons, and bow-riders, allowing you to really do it all.
  3. New perspective of nature: When you are out on the water, you can gain a new perspective of nature and the world around you. Being on the water lets you see the trees and feel the sunshine around you which allows you to escape the hustle and bustle of the day-to-day life. This lets you to relax and just enjoy your time being on the lake.
  4. Freshen up your skills: Renting a boat is a great option to freshen up your skills whether it be boating, sports, or fishing. It gives a non-commitment way to enjoy an old hobby and perfect a past skill.
  5. Unforgettable memories: When you’re out on the water with friends and family, you are creating priceless memories. Renting a boat gives you the opportunity to do something you don’t normally do, have a great time, and make memories that will last a lifetime.

If after all these reasons, you’re dying to now rent a boat this summer, contact us today. At Motor Boatin’, we are here to provide all your boat rental needs and ensure that this summer is the best one yet!

A New Boat at Motor Boatin’

It’s been a busy summer at Motor Boatin’ and we’ve decided to buy a new boat! This boat can completely change the game on the lake. A new boat can create a lot of new things to do at the lake. This boat can pull tubes, fish from, go fast, and seat four people. This new boat is called the MAXUM.


With the MAXUM you can do a lot. There are also a few features on this new boat that are different from the other boats.


  • MAXUM 1800MX
  •  4 seats
  •  135 Horsepower
  •  885lbs Max Weight
  •  Bimini Top
  •  18 ft Length


What does this mean? Well, this boat has almost double the power as a sweet water pontoon. This boat can also reach speeds up to 45mph. Renting a boat like this would allow a great time for a family. Four seats allow the perfect amount for a family trip to the beach. Not too little space but just enough. This boat is great for tubing, fishing, and many other things can be done on this awesome boat!

If you want to book this boat or another one of our boats now, click here.

5 Reasons Why to Rent a Boat in the Spring

Spring is a great time to rent a boat in the Raleigh area. Sunny skies and comfortable temperatures make the time on the water great for everyone. Motor Boatin’ has boat rentals for those who want to enjoy Falls Lake and all the activities it has to offer.

5 reasons why renting a boat is great idea during the springtime:

  1. Weather and nature: There is evidence that5 Reasons Why to Rent a Boat in the Spring in North Carolina spending time in the sunshine and in a nature setting improves peoples’ moods. Rent a boat with friends or with family and spend some time in Raleigh’s outdoors on Falls Lake. Check out the nature around the lake with its flowers and colors during the springtime. Also, designating a fun activity such as a boat rental gives people something to look forward to throughout the week.
  2. Relaxation: Many of us do not get the relaxation time we need throughout the work week. Take a break from thinking about work and business by spending time on Falls Lake. Water is known to give people a calming effect. Enjoy spending time with friends and catching up on their lives while also relieving stress.
  3. Lunch or dinner date: Bring a picnic lunch or carryout dinner from a local Triangle eatery to share with others while floating along the lake. Grabbing lunch/dinner is always fun, but why not change it up and have lunch/dinner on a boat.
  4. Spontaneous activity: Is the same old pastimes getting boring? Try renting a boat and exploring Falls Lake with family and friends. With scenic views, there is always good photo opportunities. Motor Boatin’ believes that renting a boat will become a new reoccurring activity for family and friends.
  5. Birthday or anniversary party: Rent a boat for a family or friend’s birthday or to celebrate an anniversary. Bring all the party favors and have fun on Falls Lake. Enjoy a sunset cruise for an anniversary dinner and spend time with a significant other.

Renting a boat is a wonderful, fun activity to do during the springtime in the Raleigh area. For more information on boat rentals on Falls Lake, NC, contact Motor Boatin’.

5 Helpful Spring Cleaning Tips for Every Boat

Spring is here and warmer weather is on the way. Time to get the boats ready for the season with some spring cleaning tips from Motor Boatin’. Our boats are always kept up to a high standard of cleanliness and safety regulated for boat rentals.

Get a boat ready for spring by cleaning:Spring Cleaning Tips for Every Boat in North Carolina

  • Boat upholstery: Use the right type of brush to address stubborn dirt. Do research on the best cleaners for each type of upholstery. Using the correct materials helps shorten the cleaning process while also making sure the cleaner used is not causing damage.
  • Windshields: Use window cleaning solution with a soft cloth to clean off window stains. The cloth helps to prevent streaks. Clean windshields when it is cooler outside and the windshield is out of direct sunlight.
  • Deck: Use a hose and a boat cleaning solution for the boat deck. Measure out the correct proportion of water to cleaner. Use a brush to get difficult dried on dirt and stains out.
  • Exteriors: Use a hose with a nozzle that propels more water over a larger surface, but it is NOT a pressure/power washer. If it is the type of hose that already mixes in the cleaner, measure out the proportions correctly. Use buckets with a water and cleaning solution and a sponge to get to harder to clean spots. Rinse throughout the process to prevent the sun from drying the cleaner’s solvents onto the boat. Use soft and absorbent towels to dry off the boat. Use the appropriate wax and wax amount to seal the boat against the sun’s rays and water’s corrosive properties.

As always, it is good to have a cleaning kit on board for messes and spills. Keep some cleaning wipes, window cleaner, paper towels, and cloths for quick fixes. For more tips on keeping boats clean and ready for spring, contact Motor Boatin’.

3 Things to Prepare for Spring Time on the Water in the Triangle

Spring is only a month away! Although for local Triangle residents, it certainly feels as if it may have come a bit early this year. However, while our lakes and rivers continue to warm up, there are a few things that can be done ahead of time to ensure that the new season starts off right, leaving plenty of time for water activities.

Our staff here at Motor Boatin is eager to get back into the water! Three things they’re doing to prepare to enjoy the upcoming spring season are:Spring Time on the Water in the Triangle North Carolina

  • Trip Preparations. Lots of popular vacation spots allow us to make reservations early, and those who are proactive in planning trips ahead of time will get the best deals. For families that already own a boat, planning a trip early ensures that there will be a spot in the harbor or marina to keep it stored during the trip. Also, it’s just awesome to have something to look forward to during the last few weeks of winter!
  • Stocking the Essentials. Before the prices raise when the season arrives, go ahead and stock up on small items like sunscreen, sunglasses, extra (or new) towels, water toys, etc. This goes along with planning a family trip early, you can take inventory of what’s needed and acquire those supplies in a timely manner as opposed to scrambling at the last second to get everything together.
  • Boat Maintenance. This is the part we’re most excited about! We’ve been checking oils and lubricants, making sure safety equipment is up-to-date and well-stocked, as well as looking at all internal parts to ensure they’re in working order. And, of course, we’re sprucing up the appearance of some of our favorite pontoons and jet skis to give them a fresh face for the new season on the water!

We hope that you’re as excited as we are for the upcoming season! Falls Lake will have lots to offer Triangle residents who are ready to get back out and splash around. If you’re interested in checking out the boats we have to offer, or if you need some help with your own maintenance, contact us today at Motor Boatin!

Oceans, Lakes, and Rivers: The Best Boats for Each

Renting a boat is a fantastic way to enjoy time on the water. For those that are unfamiliar with boating, you may not know that boats are designed for the body of water that they’ll occupy. This includes exterior hardware design as well as other attributes like boat speed or size.Rent a Boat in North Carolina

The experts at Motor Boatin offers key differences in relation to boating and jet skiing in different bodies of water, specifically oceans, lakes, and rivers:

  • Two types of currents keep the ocean water in motion: surface currents and deep water currents. Most local boaters taking on the sea will stay relatively close to the shore, so surface currents, which are caused by wind patterns and the effects of the earth’s rotation, will be the focus here. Surface currents and waves make ocean boating great fun for those who don’t mind a bumpy ride at times. Jet skiing on the ocean is especially great since the waves can enhance the ride.
  • Fresh water and little to no current at the defining features of a lake. They can be big or small, and share commonality with both oceans and rivers. Due to a lacking current as found in the ocean, most lakes are quiet and peaceful, offering a great retreat for anglers on fishing boats, or a party of friends and family on a pontoon boat. Jet skis can be used on lakes just fine, however it’s best to be considerate of others enjoying activities so as to not disturb them.
  • They have long been used for traveling and transporting goods from town to town, so many rivers are set up like roadways complete with fuel stations and dockside attractions. Many boaters may prefer a river, since they’re shallow and warm up easily making them ideal for activities like waterskiing. A word of caution: since rivers are shallow it’s important to remain mindful of boat size before heading out, and possible features that would make it hard to sail, like dams or waterfalls.

There are plenty of ways to enjoy boating on open water, no matter if you find yourself near a river, lake, or ocean. Contact us today at Motor Boatin, serving the Falls Lake area, for more information about local options.