All About Yamaha WaveRunners

Yamaha WaveRunners, especially the VX Deluxe model that we carry at Motor Boatin’, are among the best equipped, most fuel-efficient, and well-designed personal watercraft on the market. But that’s not all—they’re also loads of fun to drive on the lake!

WaveRunners are jet-propulsion watercraft. This means that for the jet ski to move through the water, it must pull in water and then push it out the back end. When a rider squeezes the throttle trigger, the engine and pump force the water out a nozzle in the rear of the watercraft. This propels the WaveRunner forward. The nozzle feature effectively works the same way your thumb would when placed over the end of a fast-flowing garden hose. It reduces the line size and causes the water’s velocity to increase. 

Steering the watercraft works in the same way. When the rider turns the handlebars, the nozzle turns in the back. This is done by cables that are connected to each end and run through pulleys. The propulsion when pointed at a different angle turns the watercraft in the direction the handlebars are turned. Unlike other jet skis, Yamahas can turn without squeezing the accelerator.

There is plenty of storage in a WaveRunner. There is a small compartment located in the area between the seat and the handlebars, and there is a much larger storage compartment in the front of the hull. It is easy to fit a small soft cooler inside to transport out to the lake for when you find a spot to stop and chill.

WaveRunners are also known for their famous rooster tail. Believe it or not, Yamaha added the rooster tail as a feature to help other boaters and riders on the lake view the WaveRunner and have an idea of how fast the craft is moving. The more a rider squeezes the trigger, the higher the rooster tail goes in the air.

To learn more about our WaveRunners or to reserve one for yourself, click here. At Motor-Boatin’, we believe in offering the best jet skis on the market to give you the best time on the lake.

Does Jordan or Falls Lake Offer the Best Jet Ski Rentals?

Know where someone can rent jet skis in the Raleigh area? Most people will answer and say, “Jordan Lake,” but there are more options than just Jordan Lake. Motor-Boatin is the exclusive company that offers jet ski rentals in Raleigh and serves Falls Lake.

But everyone knows Jordan Lake, why should I go to Falls Lake? Falls Lake has some great advantages for jet ski renters and boat renters in Raleigh, NC.  Jet Ski Rental

3 Reasons to Rent a Jet Ski on Falls Lake instead of using Jordan Lake Jet Ski Rentals:

  1. Easier To Ride. Because most Raleigh citizens think of Jordan Lake for jet ski rentals, it is heavily crowded. Falls Lake offers more area to ride and enjoy jet skis. While Falls Lake does offer many of the same watersport options as Jordan Lake, our population on the water is much less dense than Jordan Lake.
  2. Fewer Crowds. Falls Lake and Jordan Lake are both State Parks; who knew? However, Jordan Lake has been established longer and is more well known in the Raleigh area. That means when someone is looking to get out on the lake with their boat or jet skis, they are much more likely to choose Jordan Lake than Falls Lake. With more people choosing Jordan Lake, there are more crowds.
  3. Best Jet Ski Rentals Around. Motor-Boatin is jet ski rental and boat rental company on Falls Lake. Our jet skis rentals are similar to what you can get on the coast with hourly, half day, and full day rentals. And we’ve heard that our customer service is one of the reasons we are chosen time and time again.

Have questions about what Falls Lake jet ski rentals are available? Contact Motor-Boatin today by calling 919-800-9716 or email to see jet and boat ski rentals are available for this weekend at