5 Helpful Spring Cleaning Tips for Every Boat

Spring is here and warmer weather is on the way. Time to get the boats ready for the season with some spring cleaning tips from Motor Boatin’. Our boats are always kept up to a high standard of cleanliness and safety regulated for boat rentals.

Get a boat ready for spring by cleaning:Spring Cleaning Tips for Every Boat in North Carolina

  • Boat upholstery: Use the right type of brush to address stubborn dirt. Do research on the best cleaners for each type of upholstery. Using the correct materials helps shorten the cleaning process while also making sure the cleaner used is not causing damage.
  • Windshields: Use window cleaning solution with a soft cloth to clean off window stains. The cloth helps to prevent streaks. Clean windshields when it is cooler outside and the windshield is out of direct sunlight.
  • Deck: Use a hose and a boat cleaning solution for the boat deck. Measure out the correct proportion of water to cleaner. Use a brush to get difficult dried on dirt and stains out.
  • Exteriors: Use a hose with a nozzle that propels more water over a larger surface, but it is NOT a pressure/power washer. If it is the type of hose that already mixes in the cleaner, measure out the proportions correctly. Use buckets with a water and cleaning solution and a sponge to get to harder to clean spots. Rinse throughout the process to prevent the sun from drying the cleaner’s solvents onto the boat. Use soft and absorbent towels to dry off the boat. Use the appropriate wax and wax amount to seal the boat against the sun’s rays and water’s corrosive properties.

As always, it is good to have a cleaning kit on board for messes and spills. Keep some cleaning wipes, window cleaner, paper towels, and cloths for quick fixes. For more tips on keeping boats clean and ready for spring, contact Motor Boatin’.

2 thoughts on “5 Helpful Spring Cleaning Tips for Every Boat

  1. I really like your advice about using a hose to clean off the deck. However, I have always used a pressure washer to clean off my boats. Are pressure washers a bad or a good thing to use on a boat?

    • Pressure washers can be a good and a bad thing. If you are careful, they are very efficient. However, if you aren’t or are in a rush, they can be very damaging and costly to use. The appropriate nozzle is the most important thing to have on. Be able to control the wand is the next important note. The wrong nozzle or being too close to the seats/flooring or fencing can cut thru the material and spray the paint coating off the side. Using a hose and a cleaning brush is always a good thing.

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