Watercraft Deliverer

Do you have what it takes to be an Official Motor Boater?

  • Must have a vehicle to tow with
  • Must be over 31 or have Boat Safety Card
  • Must be available weekends or every other weekend April-Sept
  • Must be fun loving
  • Must enjoy making money
  • Must be able to swim or will wear a left vest
  • Must be able to smile and laugh

Must have a vehicle that will tow 8000 lbs with hitch receiver and insert-yes I have to be specific.

Weekends are a must and the majority of the weekends from April thru end of September. Willing to accept commitment of every other weekend. There is opportunity during the week for this position if you are available. Our normal days are 7am-8pm. It varies, but not much.

This is a Customer Service/Driver/Dock Hand/Save-the-Day position. This person will be the face and voice of Motor-Boatin to the customer. Need the ability and confidence to hook and unhook trailers, load and unload boats/skis, back a trailer at the ramp during rush hour and in the lot between other equipment. Attention to detail when looking over the boats. Clearly speak to people and explain the process. Operate a smart phone or tablet. Again, attention to detail. Need to be able to climb up and down, on and off of the equipment. Think thru problems and listen to people.

Responsible for checking and preparing the boats in the morning. Assuring all safety equipment is on board specific for that customer. There are safety checklists.

Need the ability and knowledge to change batteries and tires when needed. Need to have the stamina to stand NC summers.

This is a very fun position. We enjoy what we do and it shows to our customers.

If you think this may interest you, please call me-919-800-9716 Suzanne

We can train and teach you all of the above except 2 things-We can’t if you do not have a vehicle or if you cannot laugh.

This is a 1099 position. We do not take taxes out. You will get a 1099 in January of the next year if you make $600 or more. We have wonderful fringe benefits. When you hit 100 loads, about 4 weekends with us, you can schedule a boat for free on a weekend, just not on a holiday. If there is a piece of equipment not being used during the week, our Motor Boaters can use it and only need to replace the gas they use.

We are looking for a new Motor Boater with a towing vehicle-send picture of the vehicle 🙂