Facts About Some of Our Favorite Lakes

The state of North Carolina is known for its picturesque views whether that be beachfront, mountaintop, or lakefront. With all the outdoor activities available ranging from hiking to fishing, it is a beautiful state that offers something for everyone to enjoy. This blog post by Motor Boatin’ shares facts about some of our favorite lakes in the local area: Falls, Jordan, Harris, and Kerr Lake.

Learn more about 4 of our favorite lakes in North Carolina:

1. Falls Lake: Falls Lake covers over 12,000 acres. Its peaceful atmosphere is great for camping, hiking, or laying out in the sun on a sandy beach. It is named after “Falls of the Neuse” which was once a whitewater section of the Neuse River. Although there’s no more whitewater areas, it is the perfect spot for families to boat, fish, or swim in uncrowded waters.

2. Jordan Lake: With over 13,000 acres, Jordan Lake is a common choice for many families, especially with children because of all the activities available. This lake was created for the New Hope River Valley (now known as Research Triangle Park) based on water resource needs. In 1963, the project was named New Hope Lake. The name was changed in 1973 to B. Everett Jordan Lake in honor of a senator.

3. Harris Lake: Located on the Shearon Harris Reservoir, Harris Lake covers over 4,000 acres. It encompasses a park of around 680 acres that includes trails, picnic areas, a disc golf course, and more. It is a quiet and well-maintained area to spend your day at.

4. Kerr Lake: Kerr Lake is one of the largest lakes in the entire state and takes up over 50,000 acres. Surrounding the lake are vast forests where common NC mammals such as white-tailed deer, gray squirrels, red foxes, and many more call home. With 500 miles of shoreline and 3,400 acres of recreation sites, there is plenty of beauty to take in at Kerr Lake.

All these lakes are close to home but offer that sense of a unique getaway. Get out there and explore all North Carolina has to offer by renting with Motor Boatin’. On a lake is our favorite place to be. Reserve your boat today and contact us with any questions you may have.

How to Re-board a Jet Ski

At Motor Boatin, there are two things we firmly believe in—having fun on the lake and being safe on the lake. Those two are not mutually exclusive. It is possible and easy to do both. On occasion, when you are riding one of our jet skis, you may end up in the water—hopefully, that’s because you decided to stop somewhere out of the way and take a dip in the lake to cool off.

Whatever the reason is, you will need to get back on board eventually. So, what’s the best way to do it? Allow us to show you the way.

For starters, you need to wear your life vest at all times—when riding and when swimming. It’s not only the law, but it is common sense—swimming in a lake can quickly exhaust even the fittest of individuals. The engine must be turned off because you are boarding from the rear where the thrust nozzle is located. You should have turned it off before going in the water, and if the lanyard is properly attached to you, it would have cut the engine had you fallen off. (If you capsized the ski, look for a decal at the rear of the craft that will describe the direction to turn the craft to an upright position. Follow that direction to prevent damage to the jet ski.)

To board, position yourself at the stern (rear) of the jet ski. Never try to re-board from the side because you could flip it over on top of you. There is a handle located at the back of the seat. Reach up to grab it with one hand.

Then, using the handle pull yourself up and place one knee on the surface of ski followed by the other knee. Once you are steady, stand up and place your legs around the seat like a saddle and slowly walk your way toward the front. Sit down at the handlebars and when ready, re-enter the lanyard in its slot and restart the jet ski. If you are riding with others, do not restart the ski until everyone is onboard and seated.

For more safety tips, check out other blogs on this site. To make your jet ski reservation, click here. Then, you can have a safe, fun-filled day out on the lake.

Mistakes To Avoid When Riding a Jet Ski for The First Time

Riding a jet ski is just as fun as it sounds, but it needs to be done in a safe manner or else it can become dangerous quickly. Inexperienced jet ski drivers do have the potential to make mistakes, especially when it is their first time driving one. At Motor Boatin’, we want all our renters to be able to try something new out on the water but in a fun and safe way.

Here are some of the top mistakes to avoid when riding a jet ski for the first time:

  • Riding at high speeds: When people think of jet skiing, speed often comes to mind. They long for that adrenaline rush of zipping through the water at high speeds. While that sounds fun, it is not safe, especially for first timers. It is important to not go too fast and always keep a safe speed.
  • Staring at the handlebars: A lot of first-time jet ski drivers can struggle with keeping the jet ski going straight. Luckily, there is an easy solution to this common problem. Just like driving a car, it is important to look forward into the distance when driving and not down at the handles. It is common for new jet skiers to stare at the handlebars when driving, causing them to veer off in the wrong direction and hindering them from seeing what is in front of them.
  • Reboarding incorrectly: When on the jet ski, you might fall off (this happens sometimes) or you might want to jump into the water to cool off quick. Getting off the jet ski is fine, but the way you reboard it is important. When reboarding, you enter the jet ski from the stern – That’s boating lingo for the back! Entering from another place could cause it to turn over.
  • Not knowing how to stop: Jet skis do not have brakes. Many first-time riders are not aware of this and damage the jet ski when reaching the shore. To help, it is crucial to let go of the throttle and use reverse to help maneuver if necessary.

Jet skiing is a fun pastime, especially when renting from Motor Boatin’. Being safe is a number one priority and avoiding these common mistakes will help create a more enjoyable experience. If you have any questions, contact us today.

Jet Ski Safety Tips

Riding a Jet Ski is a fun way to spend a lake day. When out on the water, it is important to follow safety guidelines to ensure an enjoyable yet safe ride. Motor Boatin’ provides some safety tips for anyone looking to ride a Jet Ski.

Here are five safety tips for riding a Jet Ski:

  1. Take an online boating safety course: Online safety courses are available to inform individuals with all different kinds of boating backgrounds of the safety guidelines that should be enforced at all times. On our website, we provide a free safety course to get started.
  2. Wear a life jacket: One of the most crucial safety precautions when riding any personal watercraft is wearing a life jacket. The driver and all passengers of the Jet Ski should be wearing a life jacket at all times regardless of their swimming abilities. It is also important that the jacket fits correctly. Wearing a life jacket that is too loose or too tight can cause it to not work properly.
  3. Maintain distance and don’t speed: Like cars, speeding is one of the leading causes of accidents on the water. With this, it is a good idea to maintain a safe distance when riding near other Jet Skis to prevent any serious accidents.
  4. Never drink alcoholic beverages when operating: Drinking when operating a Jet Ski can impair a driver’s judgment and cause unsafe conditions. This makes it very dangerous for not only the driver but also the passengers riding. North Carolina prohibits any person from being under the influence when operating all types of watercraft.
  5. Stay alert: When riding on public waters, there can be other individuals on all types of watercraft. It is important to be mindful of others and to always stay alert to ensure the safety of everyone riding and those in close proximity.

Safety is our number one priority. If you are interested in renting a Jet Ski or any other personal watercraft, consider Motor Boatin’. Check our availability and reserve a spot today. Contact us for more information or any questions you may have.

3 Reasons to Rent a Jet Ski at Falls Lake

Nothing is better than enjoying the beautiful waters of Falls Lake. There are many fun-filled water activities to do at the lake, one being jet-skiing. Jet skiing is a fun and adventurous way to amplify your Falls Lake experience.3 Reasons to Rent a Jet Ski at Falls Lake in North Carolina

3 reasons Fall is a great time to rent a jet ski in Raleigh at Falls Lake is:

  1. Fun: Nothing delivers accelerated excitement like riding a jet ski.  A jet ski pumps up the adrenaline and allows riders to explore the lake at high speeds. But, even better, you don’t have the hassle of maintaining a personal jet ski. Our jet skis at Motor Boatin are in pristine condition!
  2. Cost: Renting a jet ski is a cost-friendly, fun group activity with family or friends. Renting a jet-ski is an inexpensive thrill ride with customizable rates. Our rates allow renters to decide how long they want to be out on Falls Lake – whether a few hours or all day.
  3. Experience: Jet skiing is something exciting and new to experience. It’s a great way to get out of a comfort zone and take a risk. Whether riding solo or going with friends or family, jet skiing will be the highlight of your day at Falls Lake.
  4. Transportable: Our jets skis at Motor Boatin’ are stuck at Falls Lake! We love when our renters pick up our jet skis and take to other local lakes where they are meeting friend or family.

Ready to try Motor Boatin’s jet skis or jet skiing in Raleigh for the first time? We have a fantastic team ready to help set up your rental and teach you to use our equipment. Contact Motor-Boatin today at 919-800-9716 and let’s set up your next rental.


How to Spend a Weekend at Falls Lake in Autumn

It seems the heat of summer has finally left the Triangle and our locals couldn’t be more excited! We have fabulous fall seasons here in North Carolina, and the beautiful vistas of Falls Lake are some of the best in Raleigh!Family Weekend Activities in North Carolina

Before the chill of winter sneaks in, our Triangle residents should consider having a weekend getaway at one of the spacious campsites along Falls Lake. There are plenty of activities to enjoy, even if the water is a bit cooler.

4 fun activities that our lake lovers suggest to squeeze in during your next weekend at Falls Lake are:

  • Go Camping. First and foremost, pack up the bags and grab some food to enjoy the weather and camp out next to the water! There are more than 300 campsites along the access areas of the Falls Lake recreational areas. Do a bit of research on which access areas are better for certain activities. Some are reserved for non-gasoline powered boats, while others have better access to different hiking trails.
  • Go Fishing. Give us a call to reserve a spacious yet sleek fishing boat to enjoy a lazy afternoon on the water. The fish are always biting and local anglers have lots of stories to tell about their favorite catch.
  • Grill a Nice Meal. Before the sweet summer corn is out of season, grab a few ears and bring the hot dogs and burgers to enjoy a filling and delicious meal while surrounded by the autumn leaves. There are a number of grills and pits available at Falls Lake, so no need to bring your own.
  • Boating on the Water. Of course renting a pontoon boat or a jet ski are still viable options to enjoy Falls Lake. We have plenty of styles and sizes to suit each individual or group need, so feel free to inquire about what’s available.

Autumn is a lovely affair at Falls Lake, and our locals should not miss out on the promise of spectacular vistas that are to come. Contact us at Motor Boatin’ to get more ideas to plan your weekend at Falls Lake!

How Jet Skis Work: The Mechanics Behind Their Power

Jet skis are easily the fastest and most thrilling personal water craft (PWC) available. Essentially, they’re like motorbikes that ride on open water. However, a PWC doesn’t operate in the same way as a boat, with an outboard motor and propeller; nor is it like an actual motorbike with a gasoline engine moving the back wheel.The Mechanics Behind Their Power in North Carolina

In fact, a jet ski powers through the water by shooting a forceful jet stream of water behind it and the force of the water squirting backwards pushes it forward. The key here is Newton’s third law of motion – every action has an equal and opposite reaction. So how exactly does all of this work internally?

Our boating experts here at Motor Boatin offer the mechanics behind how a jet ski works to provide riders with the thrill they crave:

  • Powering Water Intake. When riders first turn the key, a standard 1500cc gasoline engine engages (the engine is about the same size that would be found in a small car or large motorbike). This power causes large amounts of water to be sucked in through an intake grate located on the bottom of the jet ski.
  • Powering the Impeller. In cars and motorbikes, the engine drives the wheels in order to provoke motion. However, the jet ski’s engine powers an impeller, which is kind of like a propeller that’s fitted inside a pipe. The impeller is made of three stainless steel blades, about five inches in diameter. The water is sucked in through one end of the pipe and then expelled through the other end in a high-speed jet stream.
  • Steering and Water Speed. The water exits through a steerable nozzle located in the back of the jet ski. It’s smaller in size than the water intake grate, so the force of the water being pushed out helps to build up speed for the jet stream. Steering is similar to a motorbike, or simply turning handlebars one way or another. The handlebars pull a cable that turns the water jet in the steering direction, thus enabling riders to maneuver with ease. It’s important to note that since the speed of the water jet powers the jet ski, they are more effective at high speeds and are more difficult to ride at low speeds.

This is the science behind how jet skis work internally to give Falls Lake jet ski riders an exciting time on the water. If you’re interested in renting a jet ski, pontoon boat, or fishing boat, give us a call at Motor Boatin today!

Water and Boating Safety: What to Watch Out For on the Water

Whether renting a boat for leisure or a jet ski for more of a thrill, it’s important to employ practical water safety measures. No matter how much experience someone has on the water, the unexpected can happen. However, with thorough preparation and attention to detail, boating and other water activities can be both safe and enjoyable.
5 key water and boating safety tips recommended by our friendly staff of Motor Boatin serving the Falls Lake community are:

  • Check the Weather. Before heading out, always check a local Raleigh report for weather updates. When on the water, be aware of darkening clouds or any changes that may pose a problem and get to land safely and quickly. Remember: if in doubt, don’t go out.
  • Use a Pre-Departure Checklist. Another useful way to maintain water and boating safety is using a relevant checklist. Ensuring that life jackets, distress signals, lights, fuel, and other tools are present and operating properly on the boat before departing will guarantee safety on the water should anything occur.
  • Be Alert. Open water is treated as an intersection, so always be aware of other boaters and those enjoying water sports. They may not notice other boats or jet skis, so keeping an eagle-eye out for any possible dangers or collisions is the first step to preventing them.
  • Be Considerate. If others are out enjoying a day on Falls Lake, please be mindful of where they’re located and what they’re doing. Flying by too quickly could create waves and ripples that potentially affect their safety on the water.
  • Loose the Booze. Enjoying a nice day on a pontoon boat may seem like the perfect chance to imbibe and enjoy a few drinks. But the rules that apply to operating a vehicle on land also apply to boating on the water. In NC, it is prohibited to operate a boat or any personal water device under the influence of drugs or alcohol, with the legal BAC limit being 0.08%.

Taking the time to ensure proper safety procedures will guarantee a great day on the lake with fun boating and water activities! If you’re interested in renting a jet ski or pontoon boat, stop by and see us at Motor Boatin off of Falls Lake to see your options!

4 Questions to Ask Before Renting a Jet Ski

When living and boating in the Raleigh area, there are many choices of where to rent a jet ski. These options include Jordan Lake, Falls Lake, or heading to the beach. But, no matter where a jet ski can be rented, how can you tell it is a good company to rent from?

Upon first talking to a company, there are questions to ask about their company and products. Motor-Boatin regularly receives phone calls about our jet skis and pontoon boats and we are happy to answer any questions! But, also inspect the jet skis upon arrival at their site. If it seems a little fishy, then they aren’t the right company to rent from.

4 questions everyone should ask before choosing to jet ski from a jet ski and boat rental company are:

  1. What Insurance Coverage is Included? Motor-Boatin can only rent to individuals over the age of 26 because we offer full liability insurance when renting a boat or jet ski at Falls Lake.
  2. How Old Are the Jet Skis? Rust and corrosion on jet skis are a sign that they are older and less reliable. All jet skis should look new or remain in excellent condition; if they look older or warn down, this is not a great rental.
  3. Has the Jet Ski Been Maintained? Make sure there are no water leaks or loose wires first and foremost. Be sure the head isn’t burnt out of the jet ski. Then, discuss with the owner pump and impeller blades as well as make ask about damage to the hull of the jet ski.
  4. How to Operate the Jet Ski? A jet ski rental company should teach on how to use their specific jet skis including starting and stopping the vehicle and what to do in case of an emergency.

Seen something that made you nervous before renting a jet ski in Raleigh? Motor-Boatin, which rents jet skis and boats on Falls Lake, offer great insurance, equipment, and customer service. Give us a call today at 919-800-9716 to set up a jet ski rental on Falls Lake.

Camping at Falls Lake: Why Go All the Way to The Coast?

In North Carolina, when someone refers to camping, people think of camping in the mountains or on the beach. But, there is no need to go that far! Falls Lake offers great camping grounds as well as activities that are great for large groups.Boat Rental in Raleigh NC

When Motor Boatin suggests camping at Falls Lake, many people are worried that there won’t be much to do like there would be at the beach or in the mountains. But, there is no worry about that.

A few recreation activities offered at Falls Lake that are regularly only in the mountain or beach camp sites are:

  1. Jet Skiing. With Motor Boatin located on Falls Lake, there is very easy access to jet skis. There are even the rental options available at the beach such as jet skis by the hour, half day, or entire day. Jet skiing is one of the most desired activities when camping at the beach and now, there is no need to go all the way to the Carolina coast.
  2. Boat Rental. Boat rental in Raleigh, NC? Sounds crazy! Nope, Motor Boatin can rent a boat for the day to enjoy out on Falls Lake. We offer a variety of boats that can be great for any group camping out at Falls Lake.
  3. Trail Hiking. Need a break from the water? Get out and hike the beautiful trails around Falls Lake just like trail hiking in the North Carolina mountains.

When camping with a large group, it can be hard to please everyone. Even further, many people will like camping in the mountains or camping at the beach. Falls Lake in Raleigh offers a great solution to camping and enjoying the water and land out at Falls Lake. For more information on Falls Lake or to book a day on the water, contact Motor Boatin now.