Why To Rent a Boat Instead of Buying One

There’s nothing better than spending a sunny day boating on the open waters of Falls Lake in the Triangle area. Here at Motor Boatin’, we supply jet skis, fishing boats, and pontoon boats to the local water lovers at affordable prices and with flexible rental options.Buy a Boat in North Carolina

Some may think renting a boat for a few hours or days at a time is inefficient. Why not just purchase a boat outright and keep it docked and ready for use at any time? Well, owning a boat requires more than a one-time payment. There’s a lot of upkeep and maintenance that people may not consider right away.

Owning a boat is tough work, and the following examples will help emphasize that renting a boat is the better option overall:

  • Total Financial Expenses. To begin with, boats are already expensive, especially if they’re new. In addition, there are many other expenses that come along with the purchase, including insurance, taxes, and docking fees. For used boats, it’s also advised to have a comprehensive survey conducted to ensure the boat is in good condition. The prices for surveying vary, usually priced per-foot of the boat’s length. These may seem like basic expenses for boat ownership, but they do add up and it can take a toll if buyers aren’t prepared.
  • Constant Upkeep. Unless buyers have the space to store the boat on land in a garage or storage unit, they’ll likely be kept at a marina. If so, there’s a lot to consider including which type of water the boat will rest in, fresh or salt, as each type has its own guidelines for proper maintenance. Much like cars, boats need routine maintenance conducted to ensure they’re good for sailing, so factor in regular engine tune-ups, oil changes, flushing the motor, etc. For busy individuals and families, the general upkeep of the boat may not be worth the time and money it will require.

Our Triangle residents can enjoy all the benefits of boating without the hassle and demands of ownership by renting from us at Motor Boatin’! We service the Falls Lake and surrounding areas and have plenty of options to choose from. Contact us today to learn more about our jet ski, fishing and pontoon boat rentals!

What to do in Raleigh on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a great appreciation day for moms to show them extra love. Some moms will love a day on Falls Lake fishing and other would prefer a day on the jet skis. Plan something special for mom by going to Falls Lake. Enjoy a day filled with adventure and family bonding. People in Raleigh enjoy Falls Lake for its nature walks, boating, fishing, and picnic possibilities. Motor Boatin’ has some activity ideas for those who want to plan a memorable Mother’s Day in Raleigh.

3 activities to do in Raleigh for Mother’s Day include:

  1. EWhat to do in Raleigh on Mother’s Day in North Carolinanjoy nature: Raleigh has many parks to enjoy, but Falls Lake is a local favorite. Take a walk through the trails and sit by the lakeside. Give mom the gift of a relaxing day while being outdoors. Don’t forget to take fun family photos to remember the day! Mom will love spending time with the family and the family will love a new adventure.
  2. Rent a boat: With pontoon and fishing boats, Motor Boatin’ has many boats for rental. Take a boat out and explore what the lake has to offer. Boat rental is a fun Mother’s Day activity for the whole family. Enjoy nature while on the lake and feel the calmness of the waters. Make a day of it by bringing food while on a sunset cruise.
  3. Plan a picnic: After taking part in a nature walk or boat ride, have a picnic by the lake. Catch up with the family over carry out food from mom’s favorite restaurant. Mothers will love the together time as well as the thoughtfulness of remembering her favorite things.

Motor Boatin’ loves providing fishing boat rentals so that Raleigh residents can enjoy Falls Lake. Consider planning a day at the lake for Mother’s Day with a fun boat ride. Contact Motor Boatin’ today to schedule a boat rental for Mother’s Day.

3 Things to Prepare for Spring Time on the Water in the Triangle

Spring is only a month away! Although for local Triangle residents, it certainly feels as if it may have come a bit early this year. However, while our lakes and rivers continue to warm up, there are a few things that can be done ahead of time to ensure that the new season starts off right, leaving plenty of time for water activities.

Our staff here at Motor Boatin is eager to get back into the water! Three things they’re doing to prepare to enjoy the upcoming spring season are:Spring Time on the Water in the Triangle North Carolina

  • Trip Preparations. Lots of popular vacation spots allow us to make reservations early, and those who are proactive in planning trips ahead of time will get the best deals. For families that already own a boat, planning a trip early ensures that there will be a spot in the harbor or marina to keep it stored during the trip. Also, it’s just awesome to have something to look forward to during the last few weeks of winter!
  • Stocking the Essentials. Before the prices raise when the season arrives, go ahead and stock up on small items like sunscreen, sunglasses, extra (or new) towels, water toys, etc. This goes along with planning a family trip early, you can take inventory of what’s needed and acquire those supplies in a timely manner as opposed to scrambling at the last second to get everything together.
  • Boat Maintenance. This is the part we’re most excited about! We’ve been checking oils and lubricants, making sure safety equipment is up-to-date and well-stocked, as well as looking at all internal parts to ensure they’re in working order. And, of course, we’re sprucing up the appearance of some of our favorite pontoons and jet skis to give them a fresh face for the new season on the water!

We hope that you’re as excited as we are for the upcoming season! Falls Lake will have lots to offer Triangle residents who are ready to get back out and splash around. If you’re interested in checking out the boats we have to offer, or if you need some help with your own maintenance, contact us today at Motor Boatin!