The Top Four Reasons Boaters Love Falls Lake

 Falls Lake is one of the most popular lakes in the Raleigh area and it’s our personal favorite as well. We love it so much that we have based our recreational boat rental business on this lake!

Here are a few reason boaters love Falls Lake:

  1. So much space to explore: Falls Lake is pretty big. It stretches out through 12,000 acres, providing lots of space to take a boat out. There are wider areas to really let loose and smaller areas for more quiet relaxation. We find that whatever kind of boating experience we want, Falls Lake has a spot for it.
  2. Close to home but still a getaway: The lake is pretty central to Raleigh and Durham, but it’s still a little bit out of the way. The short drive coupled with the undeveloped surroundings makes it feel like you’re really away while still being close to home.
  3. Activities: There are many activities beyond boating available at Falls Lake. You can camp and make a whole weekend out of boating, enjoying beaches, hiking trails, mountain biking, fishing and more.
  4. Year-round appeal: Because it’s undeveloped, you get to really enjoy nature’s beauty at this lake. The lushness of summer, the colors of fall, the quiet stillness of winter and the burst of new growth in the spring are all on full display at Falls Lake.

To us, the best way to enjoy Falls Lake is by boat, which is why we’re in the business that we are in. Rent a boat and spend some time on Falls Lake. Check out the boats and jet skis available to rent or contact us with any questions. Don’t forget to take advantage of the special we are running for the month of February – purchase a rental and get free rental insurance and a towable tube.

4 Best Lakes in the Raleigh Area and What They Offer

Summertime is quickly approaching in the Triangle, which means Raleigh citizens are preparing for many days in the sun and on the water. One of the most frequent questions we are asked at Motor Boatin‘ is ‘what lakes are near Raleigh and what are the advantages of each one?’Fishing Boat Rental at Falls Lake in North Carolina

There are so many lakes in Wake County and Durham county. So, we decided to give a quick breakdown of our favorite spots and highlight a few perks for each location.

4 of our top lake spots surrounding Raleigh are:

  • Falls Lake: Falls Lake is definitely our favorite spot in the Triangle, Falls Lake is a popular spot for our Raleigh natives who love to be outdoors. There are numerous spots to enjoy, such as Sandling Beach off Creedmoor Road in Wake Forest, as well as Beaverdam and Rolling View access areas where there are plenty of trails for hiking and mountain biking. We service Falls Lake, so take advantage of our boat rentals, including jet skis, fishing boats, and pontoon boats, to enjoy the water this summer!
  • Lake Johnson: Lake Johnson is located on Avent Ferry Road close to NC State’s campus. This park has a lot to offer with over 300 acres and 3 miles of paved greenway trails. They have canoes, kayaks, and paddleboats available for rent, and there is fishing permitted on the boardwalk or on the boats in the lake.
  • Shelley Lake Park: This 144-acre park off West Millbrook Road has 2 miles of paved, scenic greenway trails that surround the entire lake. They also house the Sertoma Arts Center where classes are offered for painting, pottery, and more! Great place for a day trip with the family, since they also have two playgrounds and a basketball court.
  • Jordan Lake Recreation Area: Just outside of Raleigh in Apex, this park is perfect for hiking with over 14 miles of trails and even sighting a bald eagle! They also have lots of camp sites lining the shores that are perfect for a weekend getaway. Plenty of open water for boating and fishing too!

While Motor Boatin’ is located on Falls Lake in Raleigh, we can service all of the local lakes. That means you can pick up a boat or jet ski for the day or we can deliver them to you. We’re excited for the warmer months and all the activities that come with them! The fishing spots are lively, and the water is just right for a day of boating. Contact us at Motor Boatin‘ to see all the options we have for rentals this summer!