Pontoon Boat Rentals

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26 YEARS OLD TO RENT AND OPERATE-Arrive 30 minutes early with ID.

Nothing feels more like summer than speeding along serene water in a pontoon or bow-rider! Motor-Boatin LLC offers quality rentals so you can get out on the water with family and friends as often as you like – without the expense and stress of owning and maintaining a boat. Conveniently located in Wake Forest, just off Hwy 50 at Falls Lake and just minutes from Jordan Lake, Harris Lake and Kerr Lake, an exciting day on the water is much closer than you might think. Contact us today to reserve a boat rental and prepare for a day of fun.


ALL PONTOONS WILL PULL TUBES-Sweetwater and Willy just a little slower

With Pontoons we have several categories. 10 people, 12 people, 14 people, up to 17 people, Fishing set up with or without a trolling motor. Trolling motors need to be requested and only Blue Sunchaser 2 or Black Sunchaser 1 has the capability for that.

FYI-the speed and ability to ski comes from the size of the motor, not the hull of the boat . Yep check out the pontoons too.

  • Rental Insurance is $50/day.  Without it you are 100% UNINSURED during rental.  If you tow the equipment, this rental insurance is required.  If you rent our towables, this rental insurance is required.
  • A refundable damage deposit is required on a credit card.  It is a Hold or an Authorization and is required.
  • You are responsible for the fuel that you consume during your rental period.  The equipment starts with a full tank.
  • Fuel usage is approximately 3-4 gal/hour at full throttle. You begin your rental with a full tank.
  • At the end of your rental period, for your convenience we will refill the fuel at Market price, please ask.
  • Delivery and Return times are set prior to rental date-Deliver between 8am-12pm.  Rental times at other lakes are 8am-4pm. We can work with your schedule for special occasions that are arranged prior to rental date.  Late arrival and late returns will incur fees.  Equipment is not to be left unattended during your rental time.  Late returns without 1 hour notice will need to wait to be fit in the pick up schedule and be charged. PLEASE WAIT IN THE WATER IF THERE’S NO ROOM AT THE DOCKS.
  • Please limit your time at the courtesy dock, the placard states 10 minutes.  However, if it’s obvious you are loading and unloading the Rangers will understand.
  • Rental fee and taxes are paid at the time of reservation and damage deposit is placed on the card on file Friday before rental date.

We have the newest fleet of boats in the area.

You are responsible for the fuel that you consume during your rental period. You begin your rental with a full tank. At the end of your rental period, we will refill the fuel and charge.

Prior to the arrival, please watch the safety briefing and have other operators watch as well – even if this is your first time operating or being on a boat, you will feel confident and be safe on the water.

We deliver to Falls Lake, Kerr Lake, Jordan Lake and Harris Lakes and other local lakes! Make your reservation and we will have it ready to go in the water upon your arrival! If you tow the equipment yourself, rental insurance of $50 per day is required.  Keep in mind all of our rentals are available for multiple days, so plan a long vacation on the water today!

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Pontoon boat rentals are large, powerful boats that hold 10 and some boats more people and were truly built to entertain. Pack up your cooler, swimsuit, snacks and sunscreen and board our rental pontoon for an unforgettable aquatic party in the sun.

Nearby NC Lakes

Just minutes from Durham, Raleigh and several other large cities in North Carolina, we are also conveniently located close to Harris, Jordan and Kerr Lake. These lakes are ideal when you rent pontoon boats because they are spacious, beautiful and equipped with several other fun features like campgrounds for an RV or Motor-home, beaches and hiking trails. Visit one today and you will find that Falls Lake, Jordan, Harris and Kerr Lake are the perfect setting for your next pontoon boat rental adventure.