Jet Ski Safety Tips

Who doesn’t love to ride a jet ski at Falls Lake with Motor-Boatin’. Our selection of Yamaha WaveRunners to rent is the best in the Triangle. But, when it comes to having fun on the water, always remember that safety must come first.

6 key safety tips that we want you to keep in mind when cruising the lake on a jet ski are:

1. Don’t take off until everyone is onboard: If you have more than one rider, make sure that everyone is seated properly on the ski and holding on before starting the craft and squeezing the throttle. Jet skis have a quick acceleration, and if everyone is not situated, they can easily fall off.

2. Don’t go faster than it’s safe to go: When near shore, or in no wake zones, that means going under 5 mph. When around boats, remember they have the right of way, so don’t go too quickly and prevent them from maneuvering.

3. Wear your life jacket at all times: It’s the law. Also, keep the lanyard attached to you, so if you fall off, the jet ski will power off.

4. Remember, there are no breaks: The only way to slow down is to reduce the pressure on the throttle. Just don’t stop it completely, or you won’t be able to steer. Jet skis need propulsion to steer.

5. Know where you are going: If you aren’t familiar with navigational beacons on a lake, try to remember key landmarks when you take off and use them to guide you back to your starting point.

6. Always board the jet ski from the stern (back end): Trying to climb on from the side of the craft will likely cause it to capsize on top of you.

For more tips, or to reserve your jet ski for a day on the lake, contact us at Motor-Boatin’ right away!

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