Fishing Boat Rentals

Let your inner fisherman out for an afternoon and hop on board a fishing boat rental from Motor-Boatin LLC. Experience what daydreamers must envision when they close their eyes as you float on Falls Lake, Harris Lake, Jordan Lake or Kerr Lake, casting line after line into the vibrantly colored water. Set the alarm, grab your gear, and prepare yourself for relaxation.


We have several pontoon boats with trolling motors as well as a ProCamp Smokercraft.

** Please see Rental Policy for free online course**

Rental Insurance is $50/day.  Without it you are 100% UNINSURED during rental.

If you tow our equipment, rental insurance is required.

  • There is a $500 security deposit required.

Fishing Boats (We also have a few Pontoons with Fishing seats and a trolling motor)

You are responsible for the fuel that you consume during your rental period. You begin your rental with a full tank. At the end of your rental period, we will refill the fuel and charge market price per gallon.  Please ask what that is at the time of rental.

Prior to taking the boat to the dock, we provide all passengers with a operation and safety lesson – so even if this is your first time operating or being on a boat, you will feel confident and be safe on the water.

We deliver to Falls Lake, Kerr Lake, Jordan Lake and Harris Lakes! Make your reservation and we will have it ready to go in the water upon your arrival! Delivery of our rental boats to Lakes other than Falls Lake are an additional $300.00 and rental time is 8am-4pm.  If your group has the ability to tow, you are allowed and welcome to pull the equipment yourself and save the $300 fee.  Keep in mind all of our rentals are available for multiple days, so plan a long vacation on the water today!

View complete rental policies.

With a location only minutes from Raleigh, Motor-Boatin LLC offers the surrounding areas of Durham, Wake Forest, Holly Springs, Cary, Apex, etc. with fishing boat rentals of the highest quality. Serviced regularly for our customers’ safety, each boat rental is guaranteed to provide you the opportunity to nab the catch of a lifetime.  Reserve your fishing boat rental and enjoy a day of R & R.

Family Adventure in North Carolina

We can also provide a packed tackle box, rods, and the fresh bait, all the tools for fun ready for you and your family. Our fishing boat rentals are perfect vessels for family entertainment. Bring along the kids and show them the value of patience as you wait for the first bite—they’ll be excited to reel in the “biggest fish of their lives,” and you’ll be the reason for their happiness. Just remember the sunscreen!

Fishing, Friends, and Fun

The North Carolina water can be relaxing, and it is also a great vehicle for friendly competition. Grab a fishing boat rental, bring along a couple friends, and turn the day into a competition to see who can lure in the biggest catch. Even if you catch nothing, you’ll still have spent an afternoon in sheer tranquility on some of the most beautiful lakes in NC. That seems like a “win” if there ever was one.

Like early birds catching the worm, you can make the most of your day by waking up early and enjoying the natural beauty of Falls, Jordan, Harris or Kerr Lake. Along with fishing boat rentals, Motor-Boatin LLC also carries Yamaha VX Deluxe Waverunners and an assortment of pontoon boat rentals. Treat yourself to the open waters of North Carolina and all the potential they have to offer.