Myths & Facts about Boating

There are many myths floating around about boating. We are here to provide the facts to make the decision about boating easier. Let’s bust those myths and get you out on the water to begin enjoying one of the best ways to unplug, stay active, and relish the beautiful North Carolina outdoors.

Here are some myths that need busting:

  • Boating is costly: Boat rentals are actually very affordable and there are many types of boats to choose from to accommodate any budget. While owning a boat is out of the question for many, having the option to rent is a great opportunity for boaters to feed their passion.
  • Boating is not exciting: On the contrary, boating is very exciting! It is a great way to spend electronic-free quality time with family and friends while connecting with nature. There are many activities that can be incorporated into a day out on the boat including jet skiing, tubing, picnicking, fishing, and swimming.
  • Boating is complex: Driving a boat is not complicated. Boat rental companies show you how to operate the different types of boats, learn to steer the boat in the direction the boater wants to go and as long as boaters follow all safety precautions, they are in for an amazing experience on the water.
  • Boat ownership is a must: This is surely not a requirement for enjoying a day out on the boat. Boat rentals are affordable and it does not come with the added responsibility of boat ownership.

At Motor-Boatin’ our goal is to offer affordable and entertaining rentals that help families and communities have fun together while enjoying the natural beauty of North Carolina. Our quality rentals are the perfect ingredients for an afternoon of fun, recreation, and relaxation. It will lead to fond memories that will last a lifetime.

How to Safely Enjoy a Day Out on the Boat

The newest term in all of our vocabularies is… social distancing. One of the biggest questions we have been asked at Motor Boatin’ is, can one rent a boat and social distance safely? The answer is yes! But there are some very specific ways to stay socially distant while on the water.

4 ways Motor Boatin’ is promoting social distancing while renting boats are:

  1. Families Only: We are trying to rent our boats only to couples, families, and groups that have already been together through the stay-at-home order. We don’t want a large party on a boat, or any additional spread of the coronavirus happening on one of our boats.
  2. Regular Cleanings: After each boat is rented and comes back in, it gets a thorough cleaning and disinfecting. Our cleaner is a commercial grade disinfectant approved by the CDC to kill all viruses, whether it is the coronavirus or something else.
  3. Time Spacing: We are spacing out our rentals to ensure that there is no rush during our cleaning process or potential spread between boaters.
  4. Spacing on Land: While on the boat, all boat renters have enough space between them to cover the social distancing requirements. However, on land and on the docks, we are requiring our guests keep at least 6 feet apart as well. Spacing out our rentals limits the number of guests that are on the docks at any given time, as well.

If you are cooped up and need to get out of the house, we would love to help out your family!  At Motor Boatin’, our rentals will make the time on the water a memorable one. Take a moment now to reserve one of our quality rentals for this weekend.

Safe Outdoor Social Distancing Activities

Life as we know it has changed for us all. We are living in unprecedented times but we are also experiencing something we had never had so much of before: TIME. We have more time on our hands than we could have ever imagined. So how can we take advantage of this gift of time that we have been given?

Here is a list of fun outdoor activities we have put together to do alone or with the household:

  • Walk/Jog: Take a walk or jog with the family and pets in the park or greenway. There is nothing better than fresh air when one has to be isolated at home for most of the day.
  • Hike: Hiking is an immense stress reliever, it calms the mind and is a great escape from the home while providing an excellent workout. Enjoy the scenic trails and appreciate the beauty of nature that is all around us.
  • Picnic: Get the family out of the house for a picnic. The time outside will be remarkable for physical health and will help boost everyone’s mood. Grab some sandwiches, fruits, and simple games and enjoy some family time.
  • Fishing: Fishing allows one to unplug, destress and relax. Whether you’re a seasoned pro at fishing or just like to fish for fun, what an awesome activity that can be done alone or with the family. It’s a perfect opportunity to get out of the house.
  • Boating: Of course our favorite activity we recommend, is getting the family out on the lake for a boat ride. Boating gets you away from the daily grind. Set sail, appreciate the wonderful outdoors and bask in the sunshine.

There are many benefits of being outdoors and active especially at this time. Motor boatin’ is here for our community to provide boat and Jet Ski rentals. We are doing our part to prevent the spread of the virus by following all CDC guidelines and making sure all our boats and equipment are sanitized regularly. Give us a call today and get out on the water!

The Top Four Reasons Boaters Love Falls Lake

 Falls Lake is one of the most popular lakes in the Raleigh area and it’s our personal favorite as well. We love it so much that we have based our recreational boat rental business on this lake!

Here are a few reason boaters love Falls Lake:

  1. So much space to explore: Falls Lake is pretty big. It stretches out through 12,000 acres, providing lots of space to take a boat out. There are wider areas to really let loose and smaller areas for more quiet relaxation. We find that whatever kind of boating experience we want, Falls Lake has a spot for it.
  2. Close to home but still a getaway: The lake is pretty central to Raleigh and Durham, but it’s still a little bit out of the way. The short drive coupled with the undeveloped surroundings makes it feel like you’re really away while still being close to home.
  3. Activities: There are many activities beyond boating available at Falls Lake. You can camp and make a whole weekend out of boating, enjoying beaches, hiking trails, mountain biking, fishing and more.
  4. Year-round appeal: Because it’s undeveloped, you get to really enjoy nature’s beauty at this lake. The lushness of summer, the colors of fall, the quiet stillness of winter and the burst of new growth in the spring are all on full display at Falls Lake.

To us, the best way to enjoy Falls Lake is by boat, which is why we’re in the business that we are in. Rent a boat and spend some time on Falls Lake. Check out the boats and jet skis available to rent or contact us with any questions. Don’t forget to take advantage of the special we are running for the month of February – purchase a rental and get free rental insurance and a towable tube.

3 Autumnal Activities on Falls Lake

Fishing boats

It is officially fall in North Carolina, the temperatures have dropped, the leaves are falling, and school is back in session. However, fall in North Carolina is one of the best times to experience the great outdoors and what better place to spend these autumn weekends than at Falls Lake.

Here are our top three activities to do during the autumn season at Falls Lake:

1. Sunset boat ride: Autumn evenings out on the water are some of the most beautiful. Not only will you experience the wonder of North Carolina’s autumn colors reflecting off the water, but oftentimes fall is the least busy time of the year which means peace and tranquility. We recommend taking out one of our Pontoon Boats, a couple of friends, some snacks, and a good playlist.

2. Mid-day fishing trip: What better way to spend the weekend than fishing! Mid-day autumn is the best time to cast the line as water temperatures are typically higher. We recommend taking out our ProCamp boat for the more shallow areas or just fishing along the shoreline.

3. Camping: November is a great time to camp, not only will the campgrounds be less busy, but the temperatures rarely go below 40 degrees. Grab the sleeping bags, a tent and some friends and spend the night under the stars. There’s no better way to spend an autumn night than in nature, by a campfire roasting s’mores!

Who says summer is the only time to enjoy a day at the lake? Take advantage of the natural beauty North Carolina has to offer by getting outside this weekend at Falls Lake. Spend the day out fishing, hiking, camping, or just watching the sun sink behind the trees. At Motor Boatin’, we offer a variety of rental boat options for you to enjoy. Contact us today to reserve your weekend fun.

Four of the Best Things to do at Falls Lake

There are a lot of things to do at falls lake. Spending a summer at falls lake could be done with no problem! We are going to tell you our favorite three things to do at falls lake!

Before we share our four favorite things to do, we want to share a few honorable mentions. We also love hiking, swimming, boating (non-gasoline powered), and checking out the beaver dams at Falls Lake.

While spending the weekend at Falls Lake, our favorite four things to do at the lake are:

  • Boating: Our pontoon boats are the peak of Falls Lake. Many individuals coming out to Falls Lake to enjoy Falls Lake Recreation will end up renting one of our boats to spend the day on the lake.
  • Jet Skis: One of the best ways to enjoy the water and break up the day on pontoon boats or fishing is to rent a jet ski. Our jet skis are available in half-day or whole day rentals.
  • Fishing: Falls lake is known for its amazing fishing. Having five different types of fish including largemouth bass and two types of catfish puts Falls lake a few steps ahead of any other regular fishing spot. There are also multiple ways to fish at Falls Lake. Renting a motorboat or paddle/ non-gasoline boat are the two most popular ways.
  • Camping: Many of our boat renters want to spend more time on the boats or want one day to enjoy jet skis. For those individuals, we really suggest camping in the Falls Lake Grounds. It’s a great way to enjoy both boats and jet skis.

Are you planning on spending a weekend at Falls Lake this Fall? Then, our team at Motor Boatin’ would love to be part of your trip! We have phenomenal boats for fishing, jet skis, and more available to rent. Click here to learn more now.

The Top 3 Lakes You Can Find Motor Boatin’ Boats on the Lake.

Motor Boatin’ allows their boat renters to travel with the boats they rent. Taking boats to other locations can provide a nice change from Falls Lake. Different lakes provide the opportunity to do different things. Where one lake might lack another might succeed.Lake Norman Boat Rental

The only catch with bringing a boat to another location is the delivery fee and that the boat must be back on time. There is a $200 fee for delivery to another lake if a renter delivers boat themselves there is no delivery fee, but rental insurance is added.

The top three lakes to travel to in North Carolina are:

  • Lake Norman: This is the largest man-made freshwater lake in North Carolina. There are multiple boat access points and amazing fishing it makes for a great time. The amount of fish and birds that live on the fifty-five-year-old lake is astounding. New sightings are registered every year. Make sure to look at the water’s edge to see if there is anything cool! There are very nice beaches as well.
  • Jordan lake: Being located just south or Raleigh and Durham they have a very easily accessible site. Having 13,940 acres allows a lot of different activities to be done. There are over 1,000 campsites, including RV hook ups and tent camping. Fishing is also allowed at Jordan lake and there are 17 miles of hiking trails along with easily accessible clean beaches and islands!
  • Lake James: Lake James is an amazing place to go. Here they allow Jet skis, camping on shore, and fishing. Lake James is better known for a few other things including many blockbuster films like Last of The Mohicans and The Hunt for Red October.

Check out these amazing lakes. Don’t forget there are many others in North Carolina. And remember Motor Boatin’ is always here for your boating needs! Check us out today!

A New Boat at Motor Boatin’

It’s been a busy summer at Motor Boatin’ and we’ve decided to buy a new boat! This boat can completely change the game on the lake. A new boat can create a lot of new things to do at the lake. This boat can pull tubes, fish from, go fast, and seat four people. This new boat is called the MAXUM.


With the MAXUM you can do a lot. There are also a few features on this new boat that are different from the other boats.


  • MAXUM 1800MX
  •  4 seats
  •  135 Horsepower
  •  885lbs Max Weight
  •  Bimini Top
  •  18 ft Length


What does this mean? Well, this boat has almost double the power as a sweet water pontoon. This boat can also reach speeds up to 45mph. Renting a boat like this would allow a great time for a family. Four seats allow the perfect amount for a family trip to the beach. Not too little space but just enough. This boat is great for tubing, fishing, and many other things can be done on this awesome boat!

If you want to book this boat or another one of our boats now, click here.

How to Book a Pontoon Boat Rental​

There’s nothing like summertime to make you want to be on the water.  While the beach may be a bit too far from the Raleigh area, we’re lucky to have tons of lakes nearby for summertime fun. And nothing is better on a lake than taking out a boat. We get that renting a boat isn’t something that a lot of people do, so it may seem a little intimidating.

5 tips to help you rent a pontoon boat are:

  1. How many people? Figure out how many people will be on the boat with you. Knowing this number and how much stuff you’ll bring (coolers take up a lot of space!) will help you figure out how big a boat you’ll need to rent.
  2. What are you going to do? If you’re planning on lots of towables and high adventure activities, you’ll want a more powerful boat than if you want a day of cruising and swimming.
  3. How long do you want to be out? Decide if you want to be out for a full day or maybe try this boating thing for a few hours.
  4. When and where. Once you know the type of day you want to have and who you want to spend the day with, figure out when and where you want to be. We can set you up on many different lakes in the Raleigh area, so check out the lakes near and far from you.
  5. Go on our site. The final step is to talk to us. Check out our website to book what best works for you.

We’re always happy to help people determine what boat rent. Nothing gives us more satisfaction than getting people to love the water life.  When you’re ready to rent a pontoon boat or any other of our watercraft, check out Motor Boatin’ today!


How to Rent a Jet-Ski, Hassle Free

Renting a jet ski is a great way to view nature or tear up the water with your friends, family, or your significant other. Renting also takes away the hassle and cost of maintenance and storage that comes with ownership. Read on so you know exactly what to do and expect to make sure your day is stress- free!

7 Steps to Renting a Jet-Ski, Hassle Free

1. Pick Your Renter: Must be 26+ years old, have a valid driver’s license, equipped with boat safety card, and have proof of insurance.

2. Pick Your Rental Rate: It’s simple and works like buying bulk – a bigger buy equals a greater discount. We offer four types of packages: 1 hour: $100, 2 hours: $200, 4 hours: $300, 1 Day $500. Multiple day rentals are available.

3. Reserve at Least 2 Hours Before Arrival: At Motor Boatin’, we want to make sure that we can have our customers’ rentals ready to go. Check availability here, or call 919-800-9716.

4. Get A Boat Safety Card: If you were born in or after `88, you need a boat safety card. Don’t fret – we offer you a course for free here.

5. Get Insurance: Rental insurance costs $50 per day, without it, customers are 100% uninsured. If opting out of rental insurance, a $500 refundable damage deposit is collected 24 hours prior to rental. Insurance is required under the following circumstances: when 2 skis are used in the same party or when self-towing equipment.

6. Time it Right: Delivery and return times are set prior to rental date, late returns are charged a fee. Times are as follows – Half day (4-hour rental): 8am-12pm, 9am-1pm, or 2pm – 6pm | Hourly rentals: when skis are available. Check availability here.

7. Pick Your Lakes: Delivery of our rental boats to Falls Lake is free. Delivery to other lakes (i.e., Kerr Lake, Jordan Lake, and Harris Lake) costs $200.00. Rentals can be self-towed to save the fee; daily insurance is required. Still have questions? Check out our FAQ.

Motor-Boatin LLC is the best place to rent Jet Ski Watercraft in Central North Carolina. Conveniently located in Wake Forest, just off Hwy 50 at Falls Lake and just minutes from Jordan Lake, Harris Lake and Kerr Lake, your exciting day on the water is closer than you think, Contact us today!