4 Cold Weather Safety Tips for Boating in the Triangle

Our boating enthusiasts in the Triangle haven’t stopped sailing simply because Winter is here. Our team at Motor Boatin’ knows that our local boaters utilize their vessels for transportation, fishing, or even leisure during the cold months.Falls Lake

Because of this, we thought it would be good to talk about Winter boating tips so that  time on Falls Lake and surrounding areas is safe and enjoyable!

4 cold weather boating safety tips for our Triangle residents are:

  • Wear the proper clothing. It’s going to be chilly out there and boaters should be prepared to get wet even if they don’t plan on going in the water. Layer up with clothes made of synthetic materials so that way any moisture won’t linger. Be sure to keep extra clothes stored in a waterproof container in case anyone onboard needs to change.
  • Don’t forget a life jacket. Wearing a life jacket at all times is very important for boating safety in general, but especially in cold weather. The human body loses heat 25 times faster in cold water than in cold air, and losing body heat can lead to hypothermia and loss of muscle function. Be sure to wear a life jacket in case of falling overboard, it will help to keep you afloat so you don’t use energy trying to swim.
  • Bring food and leave the alcohol at home. Everyone needs food to fuel the body and to help generate more internal heat! Refrain from bringing alcohol onboard and save that for when you’ve safely returned. Boating safely means boating sober.
  • Ensure safety equipment is onboard. The vessel should be in good operating condition before setting sail, so be sure to double-check that all safety equipment is stocked and ready to go in case of emergency. Carry signal flares, radios, and an Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB) so you can alert others of your location if necessary.

Don’t let the cold weather keep you indoors! There’s still plenty of open water to enjoy before the warmer months settle in. For more boating safety tips or to reserve a fishing boat, jet ski, or pontoon boat, contact us at Motor Boatin’ today!

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3 Tips for Fishing in the Triangle During the Winter

Anglers of the Triangle love to cast their reels during the Winter months for a few reasons. Since the weather is colder, the lakes and fishing spots are not as crowded with boaters and others enjoying water activities. Cold weather also is primetime for freshwater species to group up together, meaning there are more fish to catch!Winter Fishing Tips

However, our local anglers will need to do some research and preparation to catch a largemouth bass in Falls Lake this Winter.

3 of the best tips for catching fish in the Triangle during colder weather are:

  • Pick the right time. The fish will be most active in the time leading up to a cold front and less active after one. This has to do with the barometric pressure, it’s low before a front and high after one, which will create higher winds and make fishing a bit difficult. Plan the fishing trip around the weather to best optimize your chances of a catch. It’s also good to go between 10 am and 4 pm, so there’s plenty of daylight to see.
  • Find a good spot. Those who are daring enough to go fishing in the Winter likely already have their favorite spots in mind and know where to go. Those who haven’t ventured out in the cold yet will need some help on finding the right spots. We recommend Falls Lake for excellent fishing, and can check their fishing forecast on their website to see feeding times and check-ins from other locals and their experience!
  • Bring the right equipment and bait. Fishing in the cold is a lot different than fishing in the heat. Make sure the equipment will be able to handle the extra strain due to weather. Consider cleaning and lubricating reels so they work properly, and use line conditioner to help prevent twists, backlashes, and tangles. Try to use live bait since it will naturally react to the cold water and interest the surrounding fish. Flashy lures that move too quickly will turn fish away since they aren’t behaving naturally.

The fish are still biting even when it’s cold! If you’re interested in renting a fishing boat and learning more about the hot spots in the area, contact us at Motor Boatin’ today!

4 Things to Do a the Lake in the Winter

Spring and Summer are the most popular seasons to come out to Falls Lake. But, the Motor Boatin’ team loves December, January, and February around Falls Lake. It is a very different time of year. There are fewer crowds, but that doesn’t mean less fun or less memorable moments.Raleigh lakes

4 great activities for wintertime at Falls Lake are:

  1. Romantic Evening: We have been so blessed to see a handful of engagements and anniversaries that are celebrated at Falls Lake. While it can be a little chilly, it is always a great night for a romantic night on Falls Lake.
  2. Celebrate the Season: There are so many holidays in the winter. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Valentines Day and more. It can be great to spend the day with family and friends on the lake while they are visiting for the holiday season.
  3. Sightsee: There is so much to see at Falls Lake. It can be great to go out hiking to see all of the sights. Or rent a boat at Falls Lake and see all the sights a little quicker.
  4. Fishing: It seems like it might not be a great time of the year to be out on the water, but Falls Lake is regularly stocked with fish. Many of our fish are more active in the winter which can make it a great time for fishing.

Does this all sound great to you? Does it sound like the weekend away that you need? Our team at Motor Boatin’ would love to help plan a day at Falls Lake based on your likes and interests. Contact us today and let’s get started!

5 Fantastic Christmas Gift Ideas for the Lake Lovers in Your Life

Christmas shopping can be such a difficult task. There are women and women on the list – adults, and children too. How can anyone pick the right gift for everyone?

One of the best suggestions that the Motor Boatin’ team shares is to chose a gift based on individuals likes and interests. For example, there are great gifts specifically for lake lovers. And great gifts for individuals who like hiking or camping.Gift Ideas for Lake Lovers

5 great gifts for the outdoorsy individuals and lake lovers on a Christmas list are:

  1. A Weekend Getaway: Book a weekend at Falls Lake with all the best activities planned. Have a day exclusively to enjoy a boat rental and a day to rent a jet ski. Spend an afternoon hiking and the evenings on the campground. This is a great gift for families or couples who like to enjoy the outdoors.
  2. Go Pro Camera: For the individuals who love lake life, but want to capture every moment of their experience, grab a Go Pro camera. It’s a great way to record a day on the jet skis or a memorable hike.
  3. Jet Ski Rental: For individuals on the Christmas list that are new to lake life, get a gift certificate to rent a boat in the Spring and Summer. Contact the Motor Boatin’ team and purchase a gift card today.
  4. Waterproof Phone Case: There are great accessories such as waterproof bags and waterproof cases to keep all electronic devices safe on a boat. This is a great gift for individuals who love spending their Summer days on the lake.
  5. Plan a Fishing Day: There are so many types of lake lovers. Many individuals love being on the lake, so they can enjoy fishing. The Falls Lake boat rental team at Motor Boatin’ would love to help arrange a great day fishing on Falls Lake.

Did this help clear up a few individuals on your Christmas shopping list? Or is there still someone who loves the lake life, but needs something more specific? Contact the Motor Boatin’ team and we will help create the perfect gift for everyone on your Christmas list.

3 Ways That Motor Boatin’ Maintains Our Boats

When renting a boat in Raleigh, many Raleigh families are nervous about what has happened to the boat before they rented it. Because of this concern, many families ask how we maintain our boats before they determine if they will rent a boat on Falls Lake.Fishing Boat Rental

At Motor Boatin’ we offer a variety of rental boats for our customers and we make sure that our rentals are maintained and cared for. Take a moment and learn just a few of the high level ways that we are maintaining our boats.

3 crucial aspects of boat maintenance that we handle regularly on the Motor Boatin’ boats for rent are:

  1. Cleaning the Exterior: Cleaning the boat’s exterior regularly keeps the boat shiny and good as new. We use long-handled, soft-bristled boat brushes and high-quality wash to keep the boats clean and pristine.
  2. Oil Changing: Just like an automobile, boats need to have an oil change. An oil change can vary by model but the Motor Boatin’ staff believes that a boat should have an oil checkup every 100 hour of operation to keep boat rentals running smooth.
  3. Cleaning the Propeller: The propeller works like a fan, the tool transfers power by converting rotational motion into momentum. Just like a regular fan, the propeller needs to be cleaned for the boat to work properly. If customers are renting an outboard or stern drive boat, our staff checks the propeller before take-off. Deep well sockets are used to remove the propeller several times to make sure no debris has been trapped in the propeller shaft.

Did this information bring up more specific questions? Our team at Motor Boatin’ loves to answer questions and concerns! We are proud to remove the hassle of boat maintenance for our customers with our high-quality, fully inspected boats for rent. Contact us and rent a boat with us today!


4 Key Benefits to Taking the Weekend to Go Out and Fish on Falls Lake

Fishing is a common hobby for Raleigh families especially with so many great lakes in Raleigh. Fishing can be a fun activity or a great way to improve mental and physical well-being.What to do in Raleigh on Mother’s Day

At Motor Boatin’, we believe that fishing is a great opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors and the sights of Falls Lake. We have so many business professionals and busy parents that enjoy a stay-cation and come down to Falls Lake to go fishing. And, Motor Boatin’ provides variety fishing boat rentals for locals in Raleigh.

4 key benefits of taking the weekend to come down to Falls Lake and enjoy a weekend of fishing are:

  • Stress Relief: Fishing is the perfect way to unwind and relax. The calmness of the waters and the beautiful scenery will put anyone in a meditative state.
  • Exercise: Fishing is not rigorous exercise, but it can be a moderate and easy workout. Fishing can improve upper body strength and flexibility.
  • Fun: Fishing is an enjoyable activity.  Nothing is more thrilling and exciting than catching a fish. Fishing can also be a fun way to engage with family and friends.
  • Scenery: Fishing offers a change of scenery from the interior landscape. Getting outside to enjoy the beautiful views of the waters is a wonderful and exhilarating experience.

Does this sound like just what you need this weekend? Our team at Motor Boatin’ would love to help you do just that and accomplish all of the benefits of a weekend fishing on Falls Lake.

One of the best activities to do in Falls Lake is fishing. Motor Boatin’ will supply the fishing boat, and you will supply the good times! Contact us and start relaxing near the water today.


3 Reasons to Rent a Jet Ski at Falls Lake

Nothing is better than enjoying the beautiful waters of Falls Lake. There are many fun-filled water activities to do at the lake, one being jet-skiing. Jet skiing is a fun and adventurous way to amplify your Falls Lake experience.

3 reasons Fall is a great time to rent a jet ski in Raleigh at Falls Lake is:

  1. Fun: Nothing delivers accelerated excitement like riding a jet ski.  A jet ski pumps up the adrenaline and allows riders to explore the lake at high speeds. But, even better, you don’t have the hassle of maintaining a personal jet ski. Our jet skis at Motor Boatin are in pristine condition!
  2. Cost: Renting a jet ski is a cost-friendly, fun group activity with family or friends. Renting a jet-ski is an inexpensive thrill ride with customizable rates. Our rates allow renters to decide how long they want to be out on Falls Lake – whether a few hours or all day.
  3. Experience: Jet skiing is something exciting and new to experience. It’s a great way to get out of a comfort zone and take a risk. Whether riding solo or going with friends or family, jet skiing will be the highlight of your day at Falls Lake.
  4. Transportable: Our jets skis at Motor Boatin’ are stuck at Falls Lake! We love when our renters pick up our jet skis and take to other local lakes where they are meeting friend or family.

Ready to try Motor Boatin’s jet skis or jet skiing in Raleigh for the first time? We have a fantastic team ready to help set up your rental and teach you to use our equipment. Contact Motor-Boatin today at 919-800-9716 and let’s set up your next rental.


3 Lakes in the Triangle Serviced by Motor Boatin’

We’re known for our exceptional service of Falls Lake in Raleigh. We take pride in sharing our watercrafts with everyone in the Triangle and hearing their fun stories!

Certainly, Falls Lake is a popular go-to spot for our locals, but did you know we also service other lakes in the area? That’s right! With a reservation and proper planning, we’re happy to deliver one of our beautiful vessels to another location. Just be aware, there is a $200 delivery fee to locations outside of Falls Lake.Raleigh lakes

We are proud to service the following lakes around the Triangle, and here are some highlights of each location!

  • Jordan Lake. For water lovers close to Apex, Jordan Lake has much to offer! This 14,000-acre reservoir boasts more than 1,000 campsites, seven swimming beaches, and a handful of boating ramps. This is a nice place to spend the day on a boat watching for bald eagles, osprey, and other wildlife scattered around.
  • Kerr Lake. Located near Henderson, this lake hosts many events that are great to build relationships with the community. Whether you’re interested in a BBQ chicken dinner or live music, there’s something to enjoy at Kerr Lake! Plenty of boating ramps, beaches, and fishing areas of course.
  • Harris Lake. Ideal for our residents in Holly Springs and Fuquay-Varina, this lake in New Hill is bustling with activity. There are play areas with volleyball courts and playgrounds, mountain biking trails, and even a disc golf course! It’s also a perfect location to take one of our fishing boats to spend the day reeling in the fish.

If Falls Lake is out of the way or you’re simply just eager to explore other areas, don’t hesitate to give us a call at Motor Boatin’ to learn more about your boat rental options and our services. We are happy to help create memories that will last a lifetime!

How to Spend a Weekend at Falls Lake in Autumn

It seems the heat of summer has finally left the Triangle and our locals couldn’t be more excited! We have fabulous fall seasons here in North Carolina, and the beautiful vistas of Falls Lake are some of the best in Raleigh!Family Weekend Activities

Before the chill of winter sneaks in, our Triangle residents should consider having a weekend getaway at one of the spacious campsites along Falls Lake. There are plenty of activities to enjoy, even if the water is a bit cooler.

4 fun activities that our lake lovers suggest to squeeze in during your next weekend at Falls Lake are:

  • Go Camping. First and foremost, pack up the bags and grab some food to enjoy the weather and camp out next to the water! There are more than 300 campsites along the access areas of the Falls Lake recreational areas. Do a bit of research on which access areas are better for certain activities. Some are reserved for non-gasoline powered boats, while others have better access to different hiking trails.
  • Go Fishing. Give us a call to reserve a spacious yet sleek fishing boat to enjoy a lazy afternoon on the water. The fish are always biting and local anglers have lots of stories to tell about their favorite catch.
  • Grill a Nice Meal. Before the sweet summer corn is out of season, grab a few ears and bring the hot dogs and burgers to enjoy a filling and delicious meal while surrounded by the autumn leaves. There are a number of grills and pits available at Falls Lake, so no need to bring your own.
  • Boating on the Water. Of course renting a pontoon boat or a jet ski are still viable options to enjoy Falls Lake. We have plenty of styles and sizes to suit each individual or group need, so feel free to inquire about what’s available.

Autumn is a lovely affair at Falls Lake, and our locals should not miss out on the promise of spectacular vistas that are to come. Contact us at Motor Boatin’ to get more ideas to plan your weekend at Falls Lake!

4 Items To Bring When Renting a Boat in the Triangle

Our watercraft and boat lovers in the Triangle enjoy spending their weekends at Falls Lake while relaxing on one of our top of the line vessels from Motor Boatin’! It’s pretty expensive to own a boat and keep up with all the maintenance, so we gladly do the dirty work.Rent a Boat

So, even though we do provide the boat and some other basics, there are a few things that people renting a boat for the first time might not know to bring along.

4 things to bring along on the boat rental adventure at Falls Lake are:

  • Life Jackets. This should be a no-brainer, but there are always people who try to go without proper safety jackets even though they’re necessary for responsible boat use. We may have a few on hand, but we cannot guarantee their availability or fit. So, it’s best to come prepared with life jackets and other safety equipment for the boat.
  • Extra Clothing. It’s surprising how chilly it can get on the water as the sun sets or the wind picks up. Bring some light layers to keep warm for times like this so no one becomes uncomfortable on the open water.
  • Food and Beverage Containers. Coolers are great for storing a lot in a small space. Spending an entire day on the water will definitely work up an appetite, so come prepared with snacks and drinks that can be kept ice cold in a cooler.
  • Boating Toys. We do allow toys and accessories to be enjoyed along with the boat, such as skis, ropes, and wakeboards. Unfortunately, we don’t provide them, but they are absolutely allowed.

Renting a pontoon or a fishing boat will ensure great memories are made. Interested and hearing more and reserving a boat for a day on the lake? Contact us at Motor Boatin’ today!