3 Lakes in the Triangle Serviced by Motor Boatin’

We’re known for our exceptional service of Falls Lake in Raleigh. We take pride in sharing our watercrafts with everyone in the Triangle and hearing their fun stories!

Certainly, Falls Lake is a popular go-to spot for our locals, but did you know we also service other lakes in the area? That’s right! With a reservation and proper planning, we’re happy to deliver one of our beautiful vessels to another location. Just be aware, there is a $200 delivery fee to locations outside of Falls Lake.Raleigh lakes

We are proud to service the following lakes around the Triangle, and here are some highlights of each location!

  • Jordan Lake. For water lovers close to Apex, Jordan Lake has much to offer! This 14,000-acre reservoir boasts more than 1,000 campsites, seven swimming beaches, and a handful of boating ramps. This is a nice place to spend the day on a boat watching for bald eagles, osprey, and other wildlife scattered around.
  • Kerr Lake. Located near Henderson, this lake hosts many events that are great to build relationships with the community. Whether you’re interested in a BBQ chicken dinner or live music, there’s something to enjoy at Kerr Lake! Plenty of boating ramps, beaches, and fishing areas of course.
  • Harris Lake. Ideal for our residents in Holly Springs and Fuquay-Varina, this lake in New Hill is bustling with activity. There are play areas with volleyball courts and playgrounds, mountain biking trails, and even a disc golf course! It’s also a perfect location to take one of our fishing boats to spend the day reeling in the fish.

If Falls Lake is out of the way or you’re simply just eager to explore other areas, don’t hesitate to give us a call at Motor Boatin’ to learn more about your boat rental options and our services. We are happy to help create memories that will last a lifetime!

How to Spend a Weekend at Falls Lake in Autumn

It seems the heat of summer has finally left the Triangle and our locals couldn’t be more excited! We have fabulous fall seasons here in North Carolina, and the beautiful vistas of Falls Lake are some of the best in Raleigh!Family Weekend Activities

Before the chill of winter sneaks in, our Triangle residents should consider having a weekend getaway at one of the spacious campsites along Falls Lake. There are plenty of activities to enjoy, even if the water is a bit cooler.

4 fun activities that our lake lovers suggest to squeeze in during your next weekend at Falls Lake are:

  • Go Camping. First and foremost, pack up the bags and grab some food to enjoy the weather and camp out next to the water! There are more than 300 campsites along the access areas of the Falls Lake recreational areas. Do a bit of research on which access areas are better for certain activities. Some are reserved for non-gasoline powered boats, while others have better access to different hiking trails.
  • Go Fishing. Give us a call to reserve a spacious yet sleek fishing boat to enjoy a lazy afternoon on the water. The fish are always biting and local anglers have lots of stories to tell about their favorite catch.
  • Grill a Nice Meal. Before the sweet summer corn is out of season, grab a few ears and bring the hot dogs and burgers to enjoy a filling and delicious meal while surrounded by the autumn leaves. There are a number of grills and pits available at Falls Lake, so no need to bring your own.
  • Boating on the Water. Of course renting a pontoon boat or a jet ski are still viable options to enjoy Falls Lake. We have plenty of styles and sizes to suit each individual or group need, so feel free to inquire about what’s available.

Autumn is a lovely affair at Falls Lake, and our locals should not miss out on the promise of spectacular vistas that are to come. Contact us at Motor Boatin’ to get more ideas to plan your weekend at Falls Lake!

4 Items To Bring When Renting a Boat in the Triangle

Our watercraft and boat lovers in the Triangle enjoy spending their weekends at Falls Lake while relaxing on one of our top of the line vessels from Motor Boatin’! It’s pretty expensive to own a boat and keep up with all the maintenance, so we gladly do the dirty work.Rent a Boat

So, even though we do provide the boat and some other basics, there are a few things that people renting a boat for the first time might not know to bring along.

4 things to bring along on the boat rental adventure at Falls Lake are:

  • Life Jackets. This should be a no-brainer, but there are always people who try to go without proper safety jackets even though they’re necessary for responsible boat use. We may have a few on hand, but we cannot guarantee their availability or fit. So, it’s best to come prepared with life jackets and other safety equipment for the boat.
  • Extra Clothing. It’s surprising how chilly it can get on the water as the sun sets or the wind picks up. Bring some light layers to keep warm for times like this so no one becomes uncomfortable on the open water.
  • Food and Beverage Containers. Coolers are great for storing a lot in a small space. Spending an entire day on the water will definitely work up an appetite, so come prepared with snacks and drinks that can be kept ice cold in a cooler.
  • Boating Toys. We do allow toys and accessories to be enjoyed along with the boat, such as skis, ropes, and wakeboards. Unfortunately, we don’t provide them, but they are absolutely allowed.

Renting a pontoon or a fishing boat will ensure great memories are made. Interested and hearing more and reserving a boat for a day on the lake? Contact us at Motor Boatin’ today!

3 Activities to Enjoy at Falls Lake in the Triangle

Now that Fall is beginning to settle in the Triangle, residents may think activities on Falls Lake are coming to an end. Luckily, this is not the case! Even as the winds cool down, the lake has much to offer our local explorers.Fall in Raleigh

Nature and water lovers can take in the beautiful sights while boating, camping, or hiking the trails. Our knowledgeable staff at Motor Boatin’ can help shed some light on the best activities to partake in as the temperature cools in Raleigh.

3 things to do around Falls Lake this season as the air cools and the bustle of summer slows down are:

  • Enjoy the Foliage. North Carolina is known for having excellent displays of fall colors in the western mountain areas, but the Triangle proudly boasts its own array of foliage to please the eyes. Take the time to simply sit on the edge of the lake and enjoy the surroundings! Peak periods for the most vibrant colors in the Piedmont are due late October to early November this year, so there’s still time to plan!
  • Go Camping. There are plenty of camping sites around Falls Lake that will also offer beautiful views of the leaves. As the sun sets, light a warm fire and toast some marshmallows while listening to the crickets and frogs. It will be a night to make memories!
  • Take the Boat Out. We’re lucky to not have frigid winters in the Raleigh area, so even as the air cools taking the boat out for a few more laps around the lake won’t be unbearable. Consider renting a pontoon boat to enjoy a great afternoon with friends and family, perhaps with a football game on the radio.

Fall is a wonderful time of year, and Triangle residents have many options to choose from and enjoy the best it has to offer. Contact us today at Motor Boatin’ to inquire about boat rentals or hot spots to visit in Falls Lake this season!

What to do in Raleigh this August

August is like the Sunday of summer –the summer season will be ending soon, but there is still time to do the summer activities! Luckily in Raleigh, there are plenty of things to do with friends and family.

As the Raleigh outdoor experts at Motor Boatin’, our team has developed a few favorite spots to spend the last few weeks of summer enjoying. Whether it’s taking hikes or spending time near the water, there is something for everyone!Raleigh NC

4 great outdoor areas that everyone needs to check out before summer ends are:

  • Falls Lake State Park. The perfect place to cool off on a hot August afternoon. With five swim beaches and 13 miles of trails, there is a lot to do! Rent a boat for the day and spend time on the water with friends and family for an unforgettable experience.
  • American Tobacco Trail. When walking on this 22-plus mile trail, you will see bikers, runners, walkers, and even horses. It spans through several different counties, and the countless amount of trees along the trail offer plenty of shade.
  • Eno River State Park. Set up camp next to the Eno River or explore what the park has to offer. Within the park are historic home sites, old forests, river bluffs, and of course, the river itself.
  • Neuse River Greenway Trail. Perfect for a bike ride or a walk, this scenic trail offers 27.5 miles to be explored. Travel through wetlands, fields, and woods. Make sure to look out for some critters along the way!

The Raleigh area offers so many different things to do this summer. If you need help planning a day out at Fall Lake or another nearby lake, we would love to help! Grab some buddies and go fishing, or take a hike through the many different trails. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

The Perks of a Pontoon Boat

When it comes to choosing the right boat, there are many things to consider: what is its purpose, who will be spending time on it, and how much work are you willing to put in?

Our Falls Lake boat rental team at Motor Boatin’ know that many of these questions lead to one answer: rent a pontoon boat!5 Reasons Why to Rent a Boat in the Spring

3 reasons why a pontoon boat is great for a day on Falls Lake is:

  • Easier Use and Maintenance. Due to the fact that many pontoons are made of aluminum, they dent easier than they tear. Getting a hole in the hull is less likely to happen on a pontoon than another type of boat. They also sit high on the water and on the trailer – this means that damaging the boat is harder.
  • Good for fishing and skis. Don’t be fooled – a pontoon can be used for fishing and skiing. For skiing, invite whoever you want – chances are they will be able to fit on the boat. As for fishing, the boat is stable, meaning fish won’t be scared off. Also, the location of where you can fish on the boat is versatile! Choose to stay in one spot on the boat or move around.
  • Comfort! The large area and ample amount of seating on pontoon boats make it easy for people to be comfortable, while still having storage space for any items that you wish to keep handy. Pontoon boats are stable, making for a smaller risk of unexpected jolts during the ride.

Renting a pontoon boat is definitely easier and more cost effective than owning a pontoon boat. To select a pontoon boat and book a weekend on Falls Lake, reach out to Motor Boatin’  today!

The Best Fishing Spots in Raleigh

Something that attracts so many people to move to North Carolina is our beautiful landscapes – from the mountains to the beaches and everything in between – including the lakes!Rent a fishing boat

As the boat rental company at Falls Lake in Raleigh, Motor Boatin loves Falls Lakes. But, that doesn’t mean that we only rent our fishing boats at Falls Lake. We offer rental services at a variety of lakes in North Carolina.

5 great spots to go fishing in the Raleigh area, that is not Falls Lake, are:

  • Shelley Lake: This body of water spans for 53 acres. Although smaller compared to neighboring lakes, it still makes for some awesome fishing.
  • Jordan Lake: Jordan Lake sits on thousands upon thousands of beautiful acres and offers some of the best fishing in Wake County!
  • William B. Umstead State Park: This state park has three different lakes to choose from. Spend the entire day here and bounce from lake to lake to lake. Popular catches include bass, bluegill, and crappie.
  • Lake Crabtree County Park: At this 520-acre lake, catch-and-release fishing is what takes place on the water. It makes for a serene day, and who knows – maybe you’ll catch the same fish twice!
  • Bass Lake Park and Retreat Center: Bank fishing is free at this Holly Springs location. Guided bass fishing tours are an option as well, as this lake offers some of the best bass fishing there is!

Luckily, fishing is an activity that doesn’t require much – a fishing pole, some bait, and a boat. Once you have these three things, you’re good to go! Check out the fishing on Falls Lake and rent a fishing boat from Motor-Boatin’. Then, spend an unforgettable day out on the water and among the fish.

Benefits of Spending Time Near Water

Let’s face it – life can get busy. When this happens, it is important to designate some time to recoup and relax. So many Raleigh families relax by spending time on or around the water.What to do in Raleigh on Mother’s Day

If life has been a little stressful, our team at Motor Boatin’ would love to help plan a stress-free weekend at Falls Lake. We can set up a Raleigh family with a day on the water in a rented boat then rent jet skis in the afternoon, and camp in the evening!

5 reasons why Raleigh families need to spend more time relaxing near the water are:  

  • Sunshine! Spending some time in the sun allows the body to produce Vitamin D, which is necessary for calcium absorption. This is important for every age! Just make sure to always wear sunscreen.
  • Soothing sounds. The sound of water is often relaxing for most people. Nature sounds, in general, can be extremely calming. Spending time around the water may compare to spending time at a spa.
  • Fresh air. Breathing in fresh air is refreshing! Negative ions in the fresh air balance serotonin levels, which is directly correlated with stress and mood.
  • Increased immune function. Water can relieve stress. When stress is reduced in the body, the immune function of the body will benefit and work more efficiently.
  • Water and the “blue mind effect.” Believe it or not, human’s personal and emotional relationships are affected by water. As stated before, it is one of the best forms of stress relief that you can get!

There are many different activities to do near the water. One of the best activities is spending the day on a boat in one of your favorite lakes. Motor Boatin’ will supply the boat, you supply the good times! Start relaxing near the water today.

Why To Rent a Boat Instead of Buying One

There’s nothing better than spending a sunny day boating on the open waters of Falls Lake in the Triangle area. Here at Motor Boatin’, we supply jet skis, fishing boats, and pontoon boats to the local water lovers at affordable prices and with flexible rental options.Buy a Boat

Some may think renting a boat for a few hours or days at a time is inefficient. Why not just purchase a boat outright and keep it docked and ready for use at any time? Well, owning a boat requires more than a one-time payment. There’s a lot of upkeep and maintenance that people may not consider right away.

Owning a boat is tough work, and the following examples will help emphasize that renting a boat is the better option overall:

  • Total Financial Expenses. To begin with, boats are already expensive, especially if they’re new. In addition, there are many other expenses that come along with the purchase, including insurance, taxes, and docking fees. For used boats, it’s also advised to have a comprehensive survey conducted to ensure the boat is in good condition. The prices for surveying vary, usually priced per-foot of the boat’s length. These may seem like basic expenses for boat ownership, but they do add up and it can take a toll if buyers aren’t prepared.
  • Constant Upkeep. Unless buyers have the space to store the boat on land in a garage or storage unit, they’ll likely be kept at a marina. If so, there’s a lot to consider including which type of water the boat will rest in, fresh or salt, as each type has its own guidelines for proper maintenance. Much like cars, boats need routine maintenance conducted to ensure they’re good for sailing, so factor in regular engine tune-ups, oil changes, flushing the motor, etc. For busy individuals and families, the general upkeep of the boat may not be worth the time and money it will require.

Our Triangle residents can enjoy all the benefits of boating without the hassle and demands of ownership by renting from us at Motor Boatin’! We service the Falls Lake and surrounding areas and have plenty of options to choose from. Contact us today to learn more about our jet ski, fishing and pontoon boat rentals!

How to Plan a Budget-Friendly Staycation in the Triangle

Sometimes people desperately need a break, but maybe they don’t have the funds available for an expensive vacation to a far-off destination. No need to forfeit well-deserved time off! Consider choosing to remain local and having a cozy staycation.

There are plenty of things to do in our own communities that we tend to take for granted. So, instead of paying for expensive vacations that may result in more exhaustion by the end, look around for things to do close to home.

Our staff at Motor Boatin’ recommend following these tips to plan a budget-friendly staycation this summer in the Triangle.

  • Draft a Budget. Before making plans, establish a comfortable budget to work activities into. Staying home doesn’t necessarily mean not spending money, so it’s better to have a budget outlined to make sure the necessities are taken care of. Setting a daily limit of cash spending will help to stay within the budget overall.
  • Make Plans. It’s easy to let a staycation turn into binge-watching TV shows or lounging around the house the entire time. Make the effort to plan activities around town to stay engaged while in break mode. Consider renting a boat to explore Falls Lake for a day out on the water. Plan time to rest as well, take a nap in the middle of the day before heading out to a low-key dinner out.
  • Get Creative. There’s so much to do in the Triangle area. Hiking, camping, or fishing at one of our lakes, visiting the free museums, or walking around downtown Raleigh are options. There are plenty of performances, indoors and outdoors, to take advantage of this year too! Visit the community pool for a themed party or just a day to relax.

2017 is the year to maximize the staycation enjoyment! Hit the local hot spots, take a dip in the lake, and have a get-together with some friends. If you’re interested in renting a boat for a day out, contact us at Motor Boatin’ to hear your options!